Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Help me please! Sewing machine

Another post in the same day!  I only learnt to sew on a machine a few month ago but I love it.  My wonderful mum has lent me her Brother machine to use, but wants me to choose one to be my birthday present next month.  I've started looking around but I'm confused, I don't understand it all! 

I want to have a go at free motion sewing and quilting so need a machine where the feed dogs drop, I think I'd like some decorative stitches but beyond that, I'm stumped.  Ladies, I would love your recommendations.  Can anyone help?


Anonymous said...

Hia Wendy thanks for popping in. Yes a Victorian house.

I can recommend Berninas for their reliability. I also have a Toyota Quiltmaster which can do free motion quilting. I wouldn't touch a Singer machine again- the insides are mainly plastic so they don't last.

Jennie said...

Wendy, what fun, a new sewing machine! I agree with Melanie, don't get a Singer, I wouldn't get a Kenmore either. Bernina's are really nice, but can get super pricy. I have a Husguevarna-Viking and I love it. However, I think the best way to shop for a machine would be to go to a sewing machine shop. I actually wrote a bit about this in my FAQ. You're welcome to e-mail if you want too!


Ms Muffin said...

I am sorry, I can not help. I am working with a really cheap discounter machine at the moment. I basically got into sewing cause hubby got that machine for a really good price and figured it would be good for trying out things.
So far I got along with it fine. I will have to do some quilting soon ... which will be the first time ever! excited and scared! ... so am very nervous to see how the machine will do ...
I would really love to have a really good machine one day. But as you I would not know which one to buy. So until then I will stay with that cheap one and see how far we can go together! :-)

Marilyn said...

Hmmm. Brother seem reliable. Does your Mum like hers? And have you enjoyed using it?
If you are wanting to do machine quilting look for one that has a bigger size throat so the quilt fits while sewing. A few brands have this, particularly on those that are called quilter's machines.
Most machines have some decorative stitches, and a lot of other useful features (except maybe on their cheaper low end of price models).

Joy McD said...

I think Bernina is the best... I have had Singer, and Elna, but love my Berninas - yes I have two :)

Libby said...

Can't wait to hear what you got! I have a Viking that I love and some antique Singers that I'm crazy for!! I love Bernina's though!!!