Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cards and Crewel

Good morning,
I'm a bit late in posting - I was intending to do this yesterday but I have a computer lead which looks like my camera lead but which doesn't fit in my camera.  I brought that lead with me yesterday and so failed to download any pictures.

I've been working on a crochet baby blanket and a knitted toy recently, but I don't have photos yet - I'll post about that later in the week.

Today I wanted to show you the progress on my crewel embroidery.

I've had to transfer it to a frame as my 8" embroidery hoop wasn't big enough, my 10" is rubbish and doesn't keep anything taut and I didn't want to crush my stitches by moving it the hoop.  I haven't got much done - just a bit of work on the lower 2 leaves as I'm addicted to crocheting that baby blanket at the minute.  I have to get some done though as I imposed a deadline on myself for this piece - I want it finished by the end of January.

I had the urge to make cards this weekend, something which is starting to happen more.  After the wedding I seemed to abandon card making completely, maybe I'd had an overload, but now I feel more inspired to make them. 

The first card was actually an alteration.  I'd made it a while ago but I'd spelt Sympathy without a P so I had to redo that part.  Unfortunately I need this card for a family friend.

I then made a birthday card for my friend.  I'd received some card making stuff from my stepdaughter for Christmas and was really inspired by these Build a Cake stamps from Papermania.  The friend is male and it's really hard to make male cards, especially year after year, so this seemed perfect.

I was so pleased with it, I whipped up another 4 - my heat gun was on fire that day!

I need to get on the card making more and get some stock together.  I have a website to sell them, but it desperately needs updating.  That's one of my goals for the year.


Joysze said...

Gorgeous cards, Wendy, and your embroidery is looking lovely. :D

Robyn said...

Your embroidery will look nice when it's finished. I like the cards. I needed to make a sympathy card for a male friend recently as his father died :(.

Deidre said...

Oh my gosh are your cards adorable!!!!!

Sandra :) said...

I did embossing on a gift tag for this first time this past Christmas - it was incredibly cool! I'll have to get some embossing powder and the gluey stuff and try it here at home, hehe.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Your crewel embroidery is gorgeous, Wendy! So much detail. The cards are lovely, too. Love the cakes.