Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The banning of the bunting

I've been admiring bunting for about a year.  I keep promising myself I'll sew some but I just haven't got round to it.  Then I saw this tutorial over at Bunny Mummy and decided I was going to give it a go.

So I crocheted, and I crocheted, and I crocheted.  I made 24 little triangles.

Then I strung some of them together.

Then I wanted to put them on the mantlepiece in the living room but Mr. Crafter's Apprentice said no!  What?  Why wouldn't you want bunting in your living room?  He says it's too Christmassy?!?  But look at those colours!  They're not christmassy at all!

So I've hung it up in my craft room.  This is as high as I could reach.  The pictures are rubbish as I was taking a picture directly into the light.

I've still got tons of triangles left...  what am I going to do with them???

You've been given a sneaky peak of my craft room there.  I'm on the second floor (that's the third floor to you Americans), not a bad view.  If you look closely (and are so inclined) you can spot:
card from Nancy
charcoal sketch of a shaman bought in Mongolia
Amy Butler pattern I won in a giveaway
Shapes crackers (lovely!)
my 2011 sewing calendar
horrible photo of me and the husband
boxes of ribbon cunningly disguised as washing powder boxes
random earrings (I don't have pierced ears anymore though I used to have 3 in each side plus two at the top on one side and one on the other, 2 rings through my nose and one in my belly button.  I have a bit of a phobia about piercings and don't understand how i managed to do that) intended for use somehow someday

p.s. don't forget it's the Friday Night Sew In this Friday.  Follow the link to sign up.

Handmade by Heidi
P.P.S. 100 followers!!  Where did you all come from?  Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!



Libby said...

Love the bounting! and I loved getting a peek at your sewing room! I have a bunting hanging in my sewing room too!

Sandra :) said...

HAhaha I love the pics of your sewing room - I'd love to come visit and play with your goodies! Your bunting is adorable - can you make it longer with the rest of the triangles, or use them to embellish a bag?

Joysze said...

You could use them as coasters... they would be LOVELY... but only for warm drinks... cos you don't want the condensation to run onto these pretty things. ;)

Tezzcan said...

Men, they just don't have good taste ;)

Nancy Lee said...

You have a lovely view! The bunting is very cute and festive. I am going to do a little tiny version in paper for my mom's 80th B'day cake next month. Thanks for the peek of your creative space!

Allie said...

You do have a lovely view - I love your bunting and seeing the peek of your sewing room! I'd love to come play.

RobynK said...

Great bunting and great view! Little tip - try your flash for 'into the light' photos..sometimes it works, sometimes it's too much.
Lol, I must be hungry as the first thing I noticed after the bunting was the box of Shapes. Off to have early elevenses as I'm sure I was Hobbit in a past life :)!

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Triangles left? Why, more bunting of course!

S x