Thursday, 5 May 2011

Coasters and placemats

Good morning.

I'm afraid this is likely to be a bit of a boring post as it's basically about 5 sets of coasters and a set of placemats.  Feel free to doze a bit as you scroll through at high speed.

I recently tried to make some coasters from Quick and Easy Patchwork Gifts.  I blogged about how I'd had trouble with the pattern and didn't think it was done in the best way.  Lots of you agreed.  I decided to make more coasters, but to do them my own way.


I cut 40 5inch squares of fabric from some layer cakes I had, then I cut 20 4.75 inch squares of wadding.  I put the fabrics right sides together, put the wadding on the back and sewed them up leaving a turning gap on one side.  after clipping the corners, they turned beautiful, no messy seam like before. 

I then quilted them using my wonderful walking foot.  I really do enjoy this process, despite having to unpick 3 of them as I hadn't noticed it was messy on the back from skipped stitches - time for a new needle apparently!

I didn't do matching fabrics, all four the same on each side, I mixed and matched for a more interesting effect.

I love these blue ones, I love those birds.  I think it's Moda Freebird?

And these pink ones are Moda Boutique. 

One thing I noticed was that the coasters were very wrinkled after I'd turned them right side out.  I think I might have left too small of a gap.  On some of them, you couldn't tell they were wrinkled after I'd quilted them, but on others I think you can see the wrinkles but I can't iron them, can I?  Will it flatted the wadding?

Picture of a wrinkly coaster under my walking foot above, and the whole stack below.

Check me out being all artistic!!

Mum had requested more placemats. She likes them large (12 x 18 inches) and plain, just one fabric on the front, one on the back and a double row of top stitching.

I had made a note of the fabrics she chose, but can't find it.  I think the brown one is Moda whimsy.  Can't remember what the other one is at all!

This time I did contrasting top stitching instead of matching.  I really should get some top stitching thread for this, but I didn't know it existed until Nancy told me about it!

I think I'm going to take a break from placemats and coasters for a while, though I do need to do some placemats for a friend who's requested them - they'll be pieced though and I might even experiment with FMQ.  Does anyone know if I should use my darning/free motion foot or my walking foot for FMQ?


Just-Do said...

Hi Wendy. You did a lovely job on those coasters and placemats. Love the quilting. As for the wrinkles; did you try and steam them? That's often a possibility when you can't iron.
About your question about the darning foot or a walking foot; I think the one which gives you the best view on your work is a darning foot. A walking foot is much bigger and makes it hard to see what you're doing.
groetjes, Dorien

Sandra :) said...

Gorgeous coasters and placemats - I've never had any problems ironing projects with batting - if you're worried make up a little stack of fabric/batting/fabric and see what happens!

You use a darning foot to freemo, and if you can, drop the feed dogs. Make up some practice "sandwiches" (use the one from your practice pressing, above, LOL!) and give it a try - I still have to "warm up" when I do it, by doing a trial run! This is a technique where practice is definitely an advantage - it's easy, but you need to get "in the groove" :D

Allie said...

You did a wonderful job on these, Wendy, I love the squared spiral quilting! They don't look wrinkly to me after quilting at all. They're gorgeous. And your topstitching is so neat on the placemats!
I'd use the free motion/darning foot for free motion, the walking foot doesn't seem to work so well.

Kandi said...

They are really pretty, too pretty to slop tea and coffee on!
Kandi x

Nancy Lee said...

Great work! I would use the darning foot. If you can't drop the feed dogs, there is usually a darning plate that you can put over the feed dogs. The wonderful walking foot is best used for straight stitching. The thing about FMQ is that you make the machine run fairly fast while moving the work around somewhat slowly and evenly. For me it is like walking and chewing gum! A bit challenging...
You are brilliant, and it will be just great, I know it.

Joysze said...

They're beautiful, Wendy. I love the colors.

RobynK said...

Great fabrics and love the spiral square quilting....I'll have to try that on something I make now :). I can't add any more advice than what's already been given previously.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love the quilting lingo - layer cakes, walking almost makes me want to learn!

Rita said...

Wow, looks very good!!! Great job!!! Be proud of yourself ;)

~Beth D. said...

I love all of your fabrics! great choices.

Farm Girl said...

Hi Wendy, these are gorgeous. What lovely fabrics, and they will make wonderful gifts! Did the quilting take long??

Pam said...

They all look great, Wendy, but I especially like the blue coasters. I think these would make great presents.