Saturday, 7 May 2011

experiments in crochet

My name is Wendy and I'm a crochet addict.  There, I've said it.  Since I learnt to crochet last November, I just can't stop.  I spend hours looking for free patterns and tutorials and then trying them out - with mixed results!

Do you want to see what I've been crocheting?

I found this great tutorial, here, for a crochet bowl.  It's made using two strands of yarn.  Now please ignore the colours as I wanted to use up so yarn I had in case it didn't work.  I love the shape!

Then I used this pattern to crochet this cute little baby hat.  I used a Sirdar snuggly yarn with sparkly bits in it that you can't see on the picture.  Love the little flower!

My final experiment wasn't so successful.  I found this pattern for crocheted slippers and had to give it a go.  I have so many pairs of slippers, I have to have them scattered around the house so there's always a pair convenient, but some off them fall off all the time and have caused me to fall downstairs!  I thought that if I was making them, I'd be able to make sure they fit.  The pattern gives different sizes.  I started with a 5-6 as I'm a 5 and I think that's a 6 in the US so I thought I'd covered all bases.  The resulting base was so tiny a three year old would have struggled to fit it - OK, so I'm exaggerating, but it was tiny.  So I tried the size 9 pattern.  This is it.  I can't get my foot in it.  It's tiny.  I must be crocheting far to tight as I'm using the right yarn and hook.  I'll try again with a larger hook.

I've gone wrong on the toe bit.  I realised I had after I'd done the final row, that's why it's so misshapen.  Ah well.  It's only made using budget DK yarn (£1.50 for 100g) and the pair I make for myself will be from some Sublime Merino wool I have in a lovely blue.  I've just got to get the size right first so I'll try again with this yarn and a giant hook!

I've got my eye on a lovely hat pattern and I'm waiting for some yarn to arrive so I can crochet a fab bag I've found.  More crochet coming this way very soon!


cauchy09 said...

aw, they all seem like super sweet projects! have a great weekend!

Kandi said...

Wow well done, you have come on sooo well! It is rather addictive isn't it?
Kandi x

Sandra :) said...

You're quite the crochet maven, considering you only learned the craft a few months ago - my poor grandmother tried so hard to teach me (decades ago) but I was UNTEACHABLE, lol! The bowl and the hat are sweet, and the slipper is adorable too, even if it's too small - I have no doubt that you'll get the sizing just right :)

Just-Do said...

The basket and the hat are lovely. The slipper pattern is very nice too, and I can imagine you wanting to make it. I hope you will find a way to work it out.

Allie said...

I love to crochet too - that bowl is too cute, and the little hat is darling. I love the look of the slipper, I hope you can get the size right!

Nancy Lee said...

I was also unteachable in the art of crochet. Poor Aunt Rita! The sewing lessons were far more successful. Your efforts are quite impressive! The slippers will work out in the end. The hat and the bowl are very sweet!

Pomona said...

The little slippers are very sweet, anyway - perhaps you could find a small person to give them to?

Pomona x