Thursday, 26 May 2011

Giveaway winner

It's time to announce the winner of the Tilda fabric!  But first, there's some waffle for you to read...

I asked people to tell me about crafts they've tried, crafts they do and crafts they'd like to have a go at.  At some point I'll probably give you some stats on this as I'm a bit geeky like that.  A lot of people said that they'd tried almost all the crafts going.  I started to think that this was a bit unlikely and so I made a list of all the crafts I could think of, including some from your comments.  I've come up with 162, plus three which were mentioned and I'm not sure what they are.  165 - have you really tried them all?!?  I've put them all into a handy page for reference: click here.  I'd love it if you would go over and have a look and tell me anything I've missed!

I didn't include some crafts, which, although they can be considered crafts (and I do consider them to be), really hold no interest to me - cooking (I do it most days and hate it!), baking, gardening (I have a concrete yard!), photography (I hate taking photos) and writing.  

Inspired by Christine over at 52 Crafts 52 Weeks, I'm going to work my way through that list!!  So, the three crafts I didn't know - can anyone inform me?

Tole painting
Tiling (I thought this was mosaic but some people listed mosaic and tiling)
Lead lighting

Oh, and my favourite answer for crafts people would like to try?  Weeding!  Great answer!  I do actually enjoy weeding.  As I said, I have a concrete yard with a couple of soil borders.  The soil is clay and nothing except weeds will grow.  I've tried growing things in pots but the snails get them.  However, there's nothing I enjoy more when in friends' and family members' back gardens than a spot of weeding!  Bizarre I know.

OK, you still with me?  Nope, you all scrolled down to see who'd won, didn't you?  So, without further ado...

(I can't get the random org widget thing to show the result in the box, so you'll have to take my word for it), I had 464 comments and the winner was...

Number 403 (oh how I wish I'd numbered my comments...)

Which is... Georgie! who said "1) I have a slight craft addiction, and love to try new things -- from macrame in the 70' to jewelry making in this decade! 2)But I always come back to sewing and knitting -- they just make my life more peaceful, you know? and 3) I am really interesting in learning to weave, and have dreams of a big loom in my living room!
Thanks for sharing this fun time!"

Well done Georgie, the Tilda will be winging its way to you as soon as I have your address.  I can't find an email address for Georgie so I've left her a comment to contact me.  If I havent' heard from her by Monday, I'll draw again.

Thanks everyone for participating, I'll be coming to visit you all over the coming months/years!  And thanks to the new followers, it's great to have you, for the right reasons! 

For the 463 you that didn't win, here's some details of another giveaway for you.  Homespun is doing a Block of the Month Stitch Along.  I saw it in the last issue of the magazine that I got, but any Australians out there have probably had it for ages!!  Anyway, Leena of the Stitching Cow is giving away a kit to complete her wonderful project. 

Fancy a go at the stitch along?  Or fancy winning the quilt kit?  Go to the Stitching Cow blog.  Block one was in Homespun (Leena is giving the magazine away as part of the prize), and you can get blocks 2 - 5 here.


susan said...

tole painting is a term I used to hear when I lived in Nova Scotia but haven't heard in the UK. It was painting - usually in a folk art sort of style - on wood or metal. Probably similar to the type of painting you see on canal boats. Hope this helps. (And am sure someone will correct me but that is the extent of my knowledge.)

elizabethdee said...

What a project! I had a look at your list and am impressed by your ambition. Would it be subversive of me to hope that you fall in love at least a few times along the way, and maintain a very, very uneven pace? I'll be following.

Sandra :) said...

Congratulations Georgie!

Tole painting - isn't that crafty painting on wood or other items? Not sure what the other two are - tiling may be putting up tiles on backsplashes and walls and floors? I would think that's more a trade than a craft, though, I think :D

Allie said...

Gosh that's a lot of crafts! I guess I've only tried a few, lol! At one time, I had so many supplies for different crafts that I ran out of room - so I decided to concentrate on sewing.
Congrats to Georgie!

Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

Ohhh! Congrats, Georgie! :)
That is one fun and amazing craft list you have! There were so many in the counted thread category that I had no idea what they were! I had fun at your giveaway, thank you! :)

Nancy Lee said...

Well done on the awesome number of posts, Wendy!
Yep, tole painting is done on wood or metal.
There is a whole school of "one stroke" painting where you load different colours on one brush to paint petals, leaves and things. Never tried it. I have a feeling paint would be just as bad as fabric, thread and floss vis a vis acquiring and hoarding...
Congrats to Georgie!

Quilter in the Gap said...

If I had seen that list of crafts prior to answer your giveaway question I would not have said I have tried them all. I guess I was narrow minded. I retract my answer. Please, and thank you. LOL