Saturday, 4 June 2011

a quick look at my underwear...

No, not the pants I've got on, but not even Mr CA would be too interested in them, they've seen better days...  I thought you might like to see the lavender hearts that I made. 

I made some more of the appliqued underwear hearts.  This time I did it a different way.  First I fused my little pants and bra, then embroidered them and added beads.  Then I used my fab new toy - it's a Sizzex heart die that's clear so you can see where you can position it.  I've had a Big Shot die cutting machine for years, but most of the dies aren't compatible with fabric, I'm just starting to build a small collection of dies that are.

The backing fabric is from one of my layer cakes, Moda Boutique I think.  I wanted the hearts to be the same size as the die, not the same size minus a seam allowance, so I used the die to cut a card template, drew inside the line and sewed along that.

I really love these little hearts.  The thing is, I did the embroidery and sewed them up ages ago, then they sat by the sofa for a couple of months as I absolutely HATE hand stitching closings.  I'm not sure why!

And here's a look at the backs:

I also made some patchwork hearts.  The idea was to make a simple heart and then use a crochet tutorial I'd found to crochet round the edges.  I think they ended up too fancy so I left them as they are.

Tutorial for these babies coming up soon... I know you expert sewers and sewists don't need a tutorial, but if I could encourage one of you non-sewers out there to give it a go, that would make my day.


Kandi said...

Those patchwork hearts are adorable!!
Kandi x

Sandra :) said...

I see London ... I see France ... I see Wendy's UNDERPANTS!! All the way from Canada, LOLOL!!

I'm a patchwork type of girl, so I like the patchwork hearts the best - especially the lace trim - yum!

My 1st Bambina! said...

They are lovely!!! I remember the 1st ones you made!
The patchwork ones are beautiful! Very similar to crazy quilting.
Interesting you mentioned dies for fabric.. yesterday I placed an order for an AccuQuilt Go! Mix & Match Starter Set, they had it for a great price at Amazon and free shipping. This will be my first die cutter ever.
I'm so excited ...Can't wait!!!!

Nancy Lee said...

I see London,
I see France,
I see Wendy's underpants sachets every day!
My lovely gifties are on my closet door.
The patchwork hearts are wonderful. Please show us how to do this!

Allie said...

GORGEOUS hearts - I almost snorted my iced tea all over my keyboard when I saw your post title, lol!

Tezzcan said...

You little flozy flashing your underwear at us. Love the hearts especially the owl.