Friday, 3 June 2011

The Phoebe bag

Yes, I know, I need to go to bag-makers-anonymous, or perhaps start a group for people with an addiction to sewing bags.  I just can't stop.  There is something so satisfying about seeing a bag that you've made.  And this one, wow, I love it.  I see more of these in my future.

Without further ado, I give you my version of the Phoebe bag.  This gorgeous bag (if I do say so myself!) is designed by Artsy-Crafty Babe, this link leads to her blog post about the bag and a link to the pdf pattern. 

I really, really, really recommend this pattern.  It was so easy to follow and I didn't change a thing or feel that any part of it could have been done better.  I made only one amendment which was to add a flush zipper inside pocket rather than the slip pocket in the pattern, but that's just personal preference.

Again, I followed Lisa Lam's tutorial for flush zipper pockets in the Bag Making Bible.  If you have any interest in sewing bags, you need that book.  If you've never made a bag before, give the Pheobe bag a whirl.  It used just 1/2 yard of the exterior fabric and 1/2 yard of lining. 

Mr CA suggested I should have lined the pocket.  I did line the pocket, I used the outer fabric - perhaps a mistake.  Either way, Mr CA is now trying to get the flea out of his ear.

I used a lovely linen/cotton blend with little roses that I bought on-line, I was sure I'd bought some with blue roses too but I can't find it.

The pink lining is from Fabricland.  Have I raved about Fabricland yet?  I can't remember if I did so I will.  I went to visit my brother in Bristol last weekend.  I'd done a quick Google search for any fabric shops we could accidentally stumple apon and found this one.  My brother, his lady and her daughter left us to it and the husband came and was very useful in carrying bolts for me.  No designer cottons, but tons of fabric.  £3 a metre for plains, £5 a metre for patterned!!  I bought a ton and I'll be instructing my brother what to get on future visits in my name!!

Fabricland, if you're listening - come to Nottingham, please!!  There's a lovely retail park right near my house with a couple of units going... or at least open a webshop!


gretbert said...

I love that print, so pretty!

Libby said...

Great bag and that print is BEAUTIFUL!!! Well Done!

Bree said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm definitely adding this to me ever-growing to-do list!

Is the zipper pocket in the Bag Making Bible? I was looking for instructions to do one this weekend & I swear I didn't see it in my book. Maybe I was looking at the wrong book. I'm going to have to check again tonight!

Allie said...

That is a darling purse! I love the fabrics!

RobynLouise said...

Nice bag! Good idea to have a zip pocket. Thanks for the link :).

Joysze said...

Oh wow... that's adorable, Wendy. You amaze me with your sewing prowess! :D

Sandra :) said...

It sounds like your UK Fabricland is far better than our Canadian Fabricland - Nancy has about given up on ours, and I'm close to following in her footsteps!

Your bag is exquisite. Just exquisite. The roses fabric is lush, and as always, your stitching and finishing is perfect - Mr. CA deserves to have to pull the flea out of his ear ..> LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Kari V. said...

Great bag! I thought that pattern was so well put together too. It really comes out professionally and is simple. The zippered pocket is one step better though.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Love the shape of this bag and I'm with you; I much prefer a zippered pocket inside. A girl can never have too many bags... LOL!!!