Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The acorn cup/gnome hat/tiny bowl reveal!

Last week I showed you this photo and asked what you thought it was:

Nope, not a gnome's hat - I don't know any gnomes.
Nope, not an acorn cup - can't think what I'd do with that!
Nope, not a bowl to be felted, it would only be big enough to hold my toenail clippings and me and Mr CA haven't been married long enough for that kind of behavoir.

In fact, it was/is this:

I can see you're still wonderin what it is!!  It's a little amigurumi bear.  It's from the book Amigurumi by Lah-Anh Bui and Josephine Wan and I think he's adorable.  He even raised a smile from the Mr who usually gives my handmade items a cursory look and sometimes a grimace.  This might as well be an entry for the Craft Book Challenge, though I don't think the host is doing anything with the challenge, she hasn't even mentioned it since it began, so I wont bother posting the logo and all that!  I will be carrying on with the challenge as I wanted to do it before I saw her challenge.

I'll definitely be making more amigurumi, I really enjoyed it though it was sore on my fingers as the small hook and tight stitches needed were tough to hook.

I finished another WIP mentioned in that post - the cross stitch book mark. 

Well OK, it's not quite finished as it needs a tassel but I only just ordered them.  The lovely free chart is available here at the lovely Blog di Gloria.  There is a birdhouse bookmark chart for all the months of the year,  a couple of alphabets and loads of other free charts.  She writes in English, French AND Italian!!  Thank you Gloria, I hope you like what I've done with it.

Now, I never wanted this blog to become one of those blogs where everything seems perfect, or that I churn out project after project.  Some of them, make that a lot of them, are a realy mess!  This next item is definitely a fail.  I don't know if you remember that I tried to make the slippers from Sew Perfect Homestyle?  I gave up as I'd messed the stitching up.  Well, I decided that I should try again so I did. This time the stitching went fine, but look!

Is that not just the most mis-shappen slipper you've ever seen?  Need another view?

And it would only fit someone with abnormally thin feet!  It went straight in the bin...


Kandi said...

I can't see your pictures, and I was looking forward to the slipper fail :0)
Kandi x

Sandra :) said...

Heehee I love your acorn cup teddy bear - he's a cutie!! The XS bookmark is lovely too - it'll make a great gift! The slipper - well --- that's gorgeous fabric, but it doesn't look all THAT wonky to me - mind you - I have honking huge feet so I just wear the shoeboxes anyways, and they're far from glamorous - certainly not PINK POLKA DOTS! Consider that one your trial run and you'll know how to modify the pattern for your next try! Nancy is the slipper maven (PUBLISHED, no less!) - ask her which pattern she uses :D

Nancy Lee said...

I haven't tried Tone Finnanger's slippers --yet. I suspect though it has to do with the cutting out. She suggests adding 1/4 seam allowance, but I think it should be more like 1/2 inch to allow for the bulk of the fleece and the turning of the whole mess. But that's just my suspicion...
Love the pink polka dots.

Allie said...

That little bear is too cute!!! I can't work with a small hook anymore, darn. Love the bookmark, you'll have to post it with tassle. The slipper fail is too funny - and brave of you to post a fail, I think it's awesome of you! Love the pink polka dots.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a very good host, am I? Sorry about that. I was gone from blogging for May and am only just now getting caught up on everyone's projects from the past couple months!

I am planning on a doing a feature post on the Craft Book Challenge (or maybe even a giveaway) to celebrate the six month "anniversary" of the CBC.

Anyway, the bear is adorable! I'm glad you added it to the CBC pool. :)