Monday, 27 June 2011

One thing, one week

Once again I joined in with the One Thing, One Week Challenge over at Amy's Creative Side.

Amy's Creative Side

I challenged myself to finish the elephant ballerina cross stitch I'd been working on and I managed it quite easily.

Clearly it hadn't seen the iron yet!  I'd bought it as a kit intending to use it as a birthday card for my neice as there is more to it - some stars, one of which has the number 3.  When I'd stitcher her up, I decided it would be a waste as a card, sitting on the mantel for a week then put in a box for the rest of eternity.  Not after all that bloody backstitch... why is it that I like to embroider but hate the backstitch part of cross stitch?

Anyway, she became this instead:

It's a little tote bag, measuring roughly 10 x 10 x 2 inches.  I used some lovely Saffron Craig fabric that I received as a giveaway price from Kite & String. 

The pocket is lined with the same fabric, and I added the band to the top of the pocket as an extra touch.

It's lined with a different fabric and has boxed corners at the bottom.

I'm pretty pleased with it as I made it up as I go along, not that there's anything particularly hard about a tote bag!  So thanks Amy for giving me the motivation.  The added bonus is that this is one more item towards my Christmas present stash!


Sarah said...

What a cute stitch!! I know what you mean about the flipping backstitch, it really does add something to it though (most of the time anyway)


Karima said...

Thanks for sharing,
New google friend popping by, via skip to my lou linky, please pop over, karima x

Melinda said...

Love it! So cute. Just a thought, if you iron around the top edge of the bag, then add a top stitch near the edge all the way around, it will help keep that flat and crisp looking. I make a lot of bags...sorry!

Sue Frelick said...

A sweet cross stitch with a surprise living its life as a tote bag. Very sweet idea. Congratulations on completing your goal!

Joysze said...

Awwwwh, she's darling, Wendy!!!! And the bag is too cute for words.

Katherine said...

Love make it up as you go along projects. Especially when they turn out this cute. Smart too, to be fattening up the gift supplies for xmas.

Carol said...

What a darling bag. With all that work - and I'm with you on the backstitching, although it does make the design sing - the tote bag is a much better plan. And yeah for Christmas gifts made early.

Stopping in from Fabric Tuesday. My link is

Pam said...

You are SO lucky, Wendy, winning Saffron Craig fabric!!! I've purchased three small pieces and haven't been able to cut into them yet, as they were NOT cheap. Your tote looks great with the cute little elephant as a pocket!!!