Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Serenity quilts blocks and wip

Serenity Quilts is having an appeal for quilt blocks.  She wants to make a charity quilt and auction it in aid of Cancer Research.  The request was for 8 inch blocks on cream on cream or white on white fabric with some form of heart.

I made scrappy hearts by sewing scraps of fabric together, then cutting out the heart shape on my Sizzix with a big die.  I forgot to put the Bondaweb on before I cut the hearts, so I pinned them in place before using a satin stitch to machine them on. Unfortunately, I had once again misplaced my brain (have I misplaced it permanently?) and I've sewn them on the wrong side of the fabric!  I'm hoping this will be OK as the right side is quite orangy...

I'm hoping my blocks have been recieved by now as I kept forgetting to put them in the post box!  Is anyone interesting in seeing how my rainbow placemats are coming along?  And how I've messed up every step of the way?

Here they are all basted. 

Cock up number one - the pins I bought weren't curved as I thought when I ordered them. 

Cock up number two - I didn't iron my seams properly, even though I ironed them to one side, I didn't pull them enough and there are little folds on the front.

Cock up number three - I cut my backing fabric to the exact size of the finished placemats.

I'm quilting squares inside this placemat.  I've done the five middle rows so far, but only one on this photo.

Cock up number four - I've done the blue ones wrong, I used the wrong side of my presser foot to measure the distance to sew at.

Cock up number five - I sewed all around and over my first few stitches to secure them.  When I cut off the threads, quite a few of these have come undone and will need unpicking and re quilting.

Here's the quilting from the back.

Cock up number 6 - I've caught some folds of fabric on the back because I didn't baste properly.

Cock up number 7 - It just doesn't look like I expected!

The two stripy placemats are being quilted with lines.  Irregular lines.  Not by design, though it is now!

Cock up number 8 - I've stitched in the ditch on the wrong side of some of the stripes.

Cock up number 9 - I've stitched in the ditch.  As in my stitching in the ditch is rubbish.

And a rear view with only the green quilting done.

Cock up number 10 - see cock up number 6.

Well, I've still got 8 more colours to quilt, then the binding to do, so I reckon I can get this list to at least 20 cock ups!


Anonymous said...

these are great and i wouldnt have seen the cock ups at all looking forward to the next 20 cock ups ;)

Cass said...

I think you are the only one who will ever notice the cock ups. I think the rainbow placemats look awesome. So much better than the placemats that I haven't managed to get further than just think about! :)

cauchy09 said...

your patchwork is all quite beautiful! best of luck with the quilting...

Joysze said...

Pretty heart quilts. :D

For all your cock-ups, I couldn't do 1/10th as good as you've been doing!! They look pretty darn good to me. :D

Pootle said...

Your hearts look fabby! Love your placemats too and your cock ups list made me smile. I do stuff like that all the time then get mad at myself afterwards. They look fab anyway. Absolutely love all the different colours! x

Sandra :) said...

Girlfriend if you're reaching double digits of mistakes (and really, I don't see most of yours, but YOU do!) you need to take a break from those placemats! Also - patterned backs on projects hide a multitude of sins. Just sayin! ;)

Allie said...

Oh my goodness Wendy - I laughed all through this post - you crack me up girl! I think it looks fine and I LOVE that square quilting...brilliant.

Houseelf said...

Love the rainbow placemats! The hearts are so sweet.

Stitchin' time said...

Lol, think of all the things you wouldn't have learnt if you didn't have all those cock ups! They are a necessary part of learning to sew/quilt :).

Cuckoo said...

Oh bless you. I never make something with put there being a cock up. PArt way through recifiying my cock up I'll remember that I made the same mistake last time and it wasn't that I didn't learn from it I just forgot. grrrrr.

It all looks pretty fab to me, as long as you are enjoying it then it's all good.

Thank you for my spam!!;oD