Saturday, 20 August 2011

FSNI August

Good  morning ladies.  Yes, it is 2pm here, but I've only just got up!!  How lazy is that?  I've been suffering from back ache the last few days, I think I've pulled something, so lying in bed this morning was therapy.  Yes, I do believe that!

I didn't go up to the sewing room last night, I sat on the sofa with Mr CA so I could moan about my back.  I worked on my Charles Rennie Mackintosh cross stitch.

I'm really struggling to get a decent photo of this.  Too close to the window and you can see right through it, it looks like it's covered in holes.  Too far away and it looks washed out.  In reality the black is deep black and the colours are jewel-like.

That's a bit better.  I've started on the second rose now.  I also added a round or so to my Giant Granny.

I'm now on round 34.  I'm so in love with this.  the only problem is, I want to do the border in the palest cream colour but I'm on my last ball and Hobbycraft has sold out.  As it was recently on sale, they wont be stocking it again.  Is anyone going to a Hobbycraft this week or next and that wouldn't mind picking me some up if they've got it? 

And now I'm up in my sewing room pondering what to do with this gorgeous parcel I got from the lovely Nancy.  Thanks so much Nancy, I love Fig Tree fabrics!!

Right, I'm off to get some sewing done, then I'll try and get round some blogs to see what you ladies got up to on the FSNI, but I'm going out soon to see The Inbetweeners Movie so it might have to wait til tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Libby said...

I love the colors on your "Giant Granny" and your cross stitch is coming along so pretty! I know how long it takes to do those!

Yummy Fig Tree fabric!

Sandra :) said...

Love your cross-stitch - the colours do show quite jewel-like in the second photo - gorgeous! GG is coming along nicely too - sorry I won't be near a Hobbycraft - maybe one day!

Did Nancy tell you her idea about Skyping during the next FNSI??!! That would be TRES cool!!!

The Dotty One said...

Hope your morning therapy in bed has helped your back. I've had a bad back recently and it is the worst sort of pain - you can't stop thinking about it.
I love your cross stitch - I've never done one on anything other than white aida and your black background is inspiring me to branch out.
Hope you enjoy the Inbetweeners - I went to see it on Wednesday and was nearly crying with laughter at the bit where they dance over to the girls in the bar!
Have a good weekend :o)

cauchy09 said...

where did you find your mackintosh kit? i have a friend who'd love it.

best of luck finishing your lovely blanket!

Teresa said...

Your cross-stitch is lovely. I can't wait for a pic of the finished project. I cross-stitch too, but in spurts. I did finish one 7"x20" recently that had chickadees in a winter scene. Then I made the mistake of diving right in to another one. It's sitting on my desk. Haven't touched it in 2 months. Maybe letting it cure for another month will bring back the love. :)

Joysze said...

Hope your back feels better soon and I definitely agree with you on the needed "sleep in time" to help it heal. :D

Pretty colors on the stitching and I love your granny blanket! :D

Allie said...

Hope your back is better, hon, that's no fun. You're getting a lot done on your roses, just love them! Great package from your friend, too!

Megan said...

I've never tried cross stitching on black...yours is looking wonderful, by the way. I look forward to seeing the finished product!

Suzanne said...

Really nice work on all you projects. I love the giant granny blanket, the colours are pretty.

I hope that you back is feeling better!

Karen Barbé said...

Hi Wendy,
Love your embroidery with the black background. Hope you aren't hurting your eyes! (~_^)

Un abrazo,