Monday, 3 October 2011

Learn a New Technique roundup

Well ladies, I thought it was about time I did another round up of your projects where you tried a new technique.  After I've done that, can I have a little rant?  Do you mind?

So, on with the links.  I have just been through my old posts to find out which LANTs I featured last time and I can't find the post!  Did I imagine writing it??  Well, I'm just going to have to post about them again!

The Dotty One had a go at Silver Clay jewellery.  It's hard to believe these are her first attempts as they are stunning.  She made several items so go and have a look.

 Fiona at Bubzrugz had a go at needleturn appliqué and picked it up really quickly.  How gorgeous is this?


Sandra from Sandra Sews had a go at sewing with flex frames, both the shop-bought version, and a recycling version using tape measures (see here).

Sarah from Kiwi Gets Crafty had a go at finishing her needlework, with excellent results.


Libby from Handwash Only made her very first hexagons and then had a go at hand appliqué - so she did better at me with her LANTs last month!

Sorry Libby, your pictures are fussy, not sure why!  They look fab on Libby's blog so go and check them out there!

And last, but not least, Paulina from Embroidery Corner had a go at fitting her first zipper and stitching in the ditch for the first time - both in one project!  I do like to see multi-tasking.

Well done ladies!  Remember, you can link up a project anytime.  You don't need to do anything special, you don't have to follow me or link to my blog (though you can link to the linky if you like), just go to the LANT linky page and link up your blog post.  You can join in just once, you can do a LANT every month as I'm trying to do, or you can do one every day!  There is no limit to the number you can link up.

I've just got to decide on my LANT for October now.

OK, I'm having that rant before I sign off.  If you're sick of me ranting (it does seem to be every post!!), then feel free to leave now!!

I hate this time of year in blogland. You see, the thing is, I'm English. I don't celebrate Halloween and I certainly don't decorate my house for it. I know people can write what the hell they like on their blogs and that's fine, but I'm already sick to death of Halloween crafts! I know that when the Halloween furour is over, it'll be Thanksgiving, another event I don't celebrate. Oh well, I supposed I just have to put up with it. It does make my blog reading go a lot quicker!

I've found myself skipping a lot of posts recently, both Halloween ones and otherwise and it made me wonder - what kind of posts do you like?  Personally, I'm all about the craft, a few personal tidbits thrown in is great, a few stories about what you've been up to/something that's happened, and the odd personal craft-free post.  I tend to skip posts about holidays, trips, family, parties, children/grandchildren, gardens and flowers and of course Sponsor Posts!!  How about you lot?  What kind of posts do you like to read and which posts do you skip - not just from me, in general.  I just want to make it clear - I'm not criticising anyone for anything, you can post exactly what you want on your blog and I don't want to change that, you can post pictures of your knicker drawer for all I care, I was just interested to know what posts interest you and so wanted to share which posts interest me.


Sandra :) said...

I prefer to read about crafts. I sew, so I like posts about:
- sewing crafts
- tutorials and links to sewing tutorials
- learning new ways to do things I already do, or new sewing techniques, or new embellishment techniques
- reviews about craft books or patterns I might want to buy
- craft linky parties where the owners don't consider recipes or "How to get glossy lips" or "How I got my 2 year old to eat carrots" as crafts

I tend to skim over family/pet posts unless I know the people or are friends with them, but I think we post those more for the family and friends that read our blogs - to keep them up to date :)

Don't get me started on the proliferation of toilet paper tube crafts - PEOPLE! Unless you're 6 years old or dealing with 6 year olds, recycle the damn things!

On my wishlist - maybe linky party owners could watch to see what people are linking to, and delete the duplicates and inappropriate stuff - it seems the bigger parties are more interested in volume than quality.

Apparently I have strong feelings about this - LOL! Now if you'll excuse me I need to go take a photo of my knicker drawer, just for Wendy!! ;)

The Dotty One said...

Yay! I feel like I'm famous!! Thanks for putting my project in there. Now you've reminded me that I must have a go at another LANT soon.... Must check out everyone elses LANTs too.

Haha - I quite like your rants! Especially with comments like "you can post pictures of your knicker drawer for all i care" that make me laugh out loud! I tend to skip over similar things to you I think unless a particularly striking picture catches my eye. At least you celebrate Christmas - can you imagine if you didn't celebrate that? You'd basically have to stop reading all blogs from October til January!!

Katherine said...

Fabulous to see so many LANT projects. What a great motivator!

I'm pretty much drawn to similar posts, Wendy. I must also admit that picture free posts don't grab my attention the way ones with photos do. I guess it's the old, "a picture is worth a thousand words" kinda thing for me.

Allie said...

GREAT projects!!! Congrats to all! Oh Wendy you do make me laugh - I think we need a knicker drawer photo contest.

Mindy said...

I'm with you. I don't do anything for Halloween, and certainly don't decorate much (read 'at all') for Thanksgiving. The most I've posted for Thanksgiving was a link of recipes, my favorite being Cranberry Tea! I'd much rather be spending my time now preparing for Christmas gifts! =)

Sarah said...

I'm also having fun ignoring the Halloween posts at the moment - really not my cup of tea. I'm all about the craft, though I don't mind a bit of 'this is what i did today' 'this is whats bugging me' thrown in with the craft, it's nice to get to know people :)

Fiona said...

great to see the LANTS and be reminded of what we can do.... We don't do Halloween here either but I have to admit I enjoy seeing all the decorating happening ... mostly I love the crafty things.... you knew that though didn't you???

Nancy Lee said...

My knicker drawer is a Halloween decoration!
I like posts about crafts, what people bought to make crafts, and where the inspiration comes from. I also enjoy your rants!

Jillayne said...

lol - I think you're hilarious!
For me, it depends on the blog - I seem to go to a variety of different ones - some about writing, some about creativity, some about cooking. I tend to lose interest in the ones that are usually about only decorating.
I like when they are personal, and enjoy other's opinions. I like the travel ones too - I find it interesting to get different viewpoints - I love blogs that post about places and pictures in England, Scotland and Europe. I guess I like most of them! What I don't like is when they post once a month!

Cass said...

I like different blogs for different reasons. Some because they are personal, some being they are crafty, some because they are funny, and some are all three! As long as people are honest on their blog I'm happy to read lots of different things.

I agree completely with you regarding Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff though. It has no meaning here in Aussie-land either, so I find myself skipping lots of posts at the moment.

Libster said...

i skim read lots of blogs. I dont go for kid photos much, dont mind the odd holiday photo as long as it doesnt have a kid coated with icecream...
I like lots of photos and witty posts.
Crafting of course has to be in there.
Im happy for people to blog about what ever they like... if i dont like it, i dont read it :)

Laura said...

At least you're in the northern hemisphere and don't have to ban the Halloween and the "Fall" (they mean autumn) posts as well!!!! It's SPRING here down under - i'm in the mood for greens and pinks, not orange and brown!

Marilyn said...

No ! Definitely not getting a pic of my underwear draw - oh heck, you would see the mess in my wardrobe. No way !!!!!!
I dont find the halloween posts interesting either as we dont do halloween but it depends on whose post it is. I guess I am interested in the same things from bloggy friends as with the friends I hang out with, and at this stage it includes our quilting and craft, but also our (adult) children and grandies, as that is where we are at in life. Therefore I find blogs that include family life, holidays etc as well as crafts are interesting to me. (just not ten thousand pics of the hol or the grandies.)
Wow, nearly as wordy as you, arent I.

Stitchin' time said...

I mostly read crafty blogs but I also like blogs that have self sufficiency posts like growing plants, cheap nutritious meals, thrifty ideas etc.
Not much interested in Halloween and Thanksgiving and the Melbourne Cup over shadows both of these in Australia anyway. Lol, we're definitely a weird mob when a horse race stops the whole country for about 5 minutes and causes nation wide gossip for about 5 weeks before hand!