Friday, 28 October 2011

My winter to-do list

I've been meaning to write my Christmas to-do list for ages, then I saw that Sarah at Fairy Face Designs was doing a Winter version of her Summer Stitching event, so thought it would be the perfect time to get myself organised. 

FairyFace Designs

Or make myself panic as it turned out.  We have to make a list of all the items we want to sew (though I've included other crafts in here too as this is a list for me) by the end of March next year.  Check this out for a massive list...

Birthdays before Christmas
1. Crochet hook case for mum - I think I have a pattern in one of my books

2. A thread catcher for mum

3. 2 x car kits, 1 for my dad and 1 for my FIL (I suppose technically that should be two items, but if I do that, it gets even more scary)

4. 2 x mug rugs for the same 2 men

Other pre-Christmas stuff
5. An item or two for a private swap

6. 4 PIF gifts

Christmas presents
7. Finish the CRM cushion for mum

8. Glasses cases x 4 for mum, dad, FIL and an aunty

9. Slippers for mum - yes, I'm going to attempt slippers again!

10. Mani pedi kit (can't find the link) x 7 - mum, MIL, 3 friends, SIL and niece

11. Amigurumi pig for mum

12. Flash drive keyrings x 2 for dad and brother

13. Keyboard duster for dad - yes, I'm struggling with him!

14. Frilly apron for the MIL and non-frilly apron for FIL

15. Spa kits of my own devising x 6 for MIL, SIL, niece and 3 friends

16. Finish the Petit Ecole table runner for my SIL and BIL

17. Matching tea towel for the above

18. Handbag for another niece, not sure what design yet

19. Yoda ami for my brother, whilst looking for that link on my bookmarks I also found this crochet R2D2 so had better add that to the list!!  I'm struggling with my brother this year, though he'll be getting about 10 cookies in jar mixes as he loves them

20. A great big question mark.  Spot 20 is reserved for my brother.

21. Embroidered cushion from Handmade magazine for Nana-in-law

22. Iris cross stitch bookmark for Nana-in-law

23. Tea cup candles all round

24. A frog x-stitch pouch from Cross Stitcher for my best bud

25. I'd like to finish the alphabet chart for my goddaughter.  I'm on N so I find it hard to believe that will get done!

26. Something for my friend's baby.  He'll be 9 months, and I don't know what to make him.  Any suggestions will be gratefully received - he's got loads of stuffed toys

27. Patchwork pouch for an aunty

So, that doesn't seem so much, does it? ...  I haven't finished yet!

My nephew's birth in February
28. Quilt

30. Sewn booties

31. Appliquéd baby grows

32. A cushion for his nursery, I've seen a few cute ones I want to try

33. Trousers

Stuff for myself (for a change)
34. The dining room chair cushions

35. Matching table topper

36. And placemats

37. A needle book or 3

38. Crochet hook case

39. A coffee mat as my coffee pot drips

40. A lunch bag

41. Shopping bags for the supermarket

42. A handbag

Oh no, I just remembered it's my brother's birthday in March and this Winter sewing is until the end of March...

Brother's birthday
43. Coasters with cross stitch - quotes from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

44. Matching coffee mat

45. A cross stitched towel (just a band, not the whole thing!!) again with the quotes.  If you've read the books, you'll understand why

Oh, I'd better put my WIPs on here too...

46. Giant granhy blanket

47. Granny square cushion

48. Sampler blanket

Well.  That's quite a long list, isn't it?  I think I might well have bitten off far more than I can chew!  I'll review it again at the end of November.  I suspect some other items may creep onto it... and hopefully some will creep off!

I really shouldn't have counted each individual item... 90.  Oh dear, I feel a big fat failure coming on!


Fiona said...

Eeeeek... that's a massive long list... I think mine would be the same if I wrote it down.. there is so much a fancy making...

Alison said...

Gulp, that is quite a long list!! I fear mine may be similar but am too scared to write it down!!

Good luck!


Sandra :) said...

Oh dear, Wendy - that's an awfully long list to be stressing and worrying about - are you sure you want to put yourself through that? More than half of those items are scheduled to be done before Christmas - I think you're setting yourself up for problems with a list that long, especially since you work full-time. Could you pick a project that will work for a LOT of ladies, then spend a couple of evenings running an assemblyline? Simple crochet dishcloths or washcloths, tea cup candles, lavender sachets, cookies in a pretty bag - something simple but pretty - I don't think anybody wants you stressing yourself sick to get everything done!

The Dotty One said...

Blimey! that list is HUGE! are you sure you aren't putting too much pressure on yourself?! Although, having said that you do seem to be able to produce crafty things at an alarming rate! If anyone can do it you can! Do you make presents for your husband too?
I am so glad I don't have as many people to give presents to as you do. Plus you seem to be making several presents for each person!