Monday, 17 October 2011

Not much of a post

Morning, morning.

Not much of a post today.  I have absolutely bugger all to show you.  It might be like this all week.  I had a very busy weekend, a day out with my family including my brother, his girlfriend and her daughter to the Nottingham Beer Festival (which my amazing dad organises and runs), then a day out with the in-laws on Sunday.  Both days involved a meal in a restaurant and wow... there's nothing I can eat in restaurants!!  On the Saturday we went to Franky and Benny's and they cooked me something from scratch to my specification, not bad for a chain restaurant.  It's not the sort of place we'd usually go, but as we had 3 kids with us, we didn't want a posh restaurant.  Sunday was harder and I just had to have plain food.  Then I watch my ever-loving husband demolish an enormous ice cream sundae, thanks for that Mr CA, it will be remembered!

I'd like to apologise if you've emailed me or left a comment and I've not replied.  Apart from being busy, I'm having trouble with my email.  It refreshes every couple of minutes and if I'm halfway through writing a message, I lose it, very annoying.  And today, it loaded up but now has gone and wont come back.  Damn you technology.    Give me a few weeks and hopefully normal emailing, posting and crafting will be resumed.

In the meantime, have you signed up for Friday's Friday Night Sew In?

Sign ups are Here.  No idea what I'm going to be working on yet, though the end is getting near with the Mackintosh cross stitch.

I've joined The Crafty Christmas Club blog.  It's a group of people who are making Christmas presents and may not want to display them on their blog.  That's not a problem with me as no-one outside my bloggy friends knows I even write a blog (apart from the Director of Operations who just walked behind my desk and so probably has a fair idea!), but I wanted to join in for the motivation.  I'm intending to write a to-do list at some point. 


Well that's about it.  I've been feeling a bit rubbish the past few days after accidentally ingesting some yeast (I'm still learning what I can eat - practically nothing, and what I can't eat - most things so there's bound to be some slip ups) so I may not post much this week or next, unless I get a big heap of crafty motivation and some energy from somewhere (and it wont be from sugar).  I'm going to remove all pressure from myself and maybe read the massive stack of craft magazines I have yet to look through.  Please try not to pine for me too badly, hold those tears back, I will return.  (Yes, I am joking.  I'm not that egotistical).

Oh no, just realised it's only 4 weeks to my mum's birthday, then it's only 6 weeks til Christmas - now I'm panicking!  It's about time they banned calendars. 


Libby said...

6 weeks?? Are you kidding?? When I was a little girl, Christmas took YEARS to get an adult it seems to only take days!!
I hope you feel better and enjoy the magazine inspiration!

Nancy Lee said...

Libby is right. Christmas comes way earlier nowadays! I am sorry you are feeling crap -- and at a beer festival -- where the key motivating factor is yeast. Give yourself a break and paw through some mags. Hugs!

Allie said...

6 weeks...that's not possible....

Good of that restaurant to make you something from scratch, it's HARD to eat out when you're on a yeast-free diet! Are you taking garlic tabs? They're naturally anti-fungal and will help you heal faster.

Stitchin' time said...

Are you trying to give me heart failure???
It's 9 weeks and a few days to Christmas Day! I think we people on the far south of the planet still celebrate this day sometime in the same 24 hour period you northerners do :P.
I need every one of them as I'm trying to make all my pressies this year.
Condolences on attending a beer festival but not being able to sample the product and hoping you feel better soon.

Sandra :) said...

Have fun with your magazines and take a break - I hope you feel better soon!

I haven't picked a FNSI project yet, but Nancy and I will be playing together Friday night so I'm sure we'll have fun - it would be such a hoot if you could join us!! Maybe one day one of us will win the lottery and we can FNSI together :D

Ady said...

I haven't even thought about Christmas yet ... got half term to get through first! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. x