Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Universal Craft Blog Directory

Hello, thought I'd pop in and tell you about the craft directory that Crafty Rie has set up, and I might as well tell you about the war I've waged with my local council. 

Craft directory first.  Rie wants to make a list of ALL the craft blogs on line.  Over time she'll create categories so you'll be able to easily find the kind of blog you like to read and then she'll create it's own blog for it to live in.  In the meantime, you ladies ALL need to go over there, link up your blog and spread the word.  I think this is a great idea - imagine going to one place and perusing all the crochet or quilting or sewing blogs that your heart desires?

So, onto the war with the council - yes ladies, it's a rant!  A quick explanation for non-UK readers - Each City has its own council, so does each county.  It's an elected body that makes local rules and by-laws.  They're responsible for rubbish collection, recycling, libraries, housing, all that kind of stuff. 

Every house has a wheelie bin or two or three - one for general waste, another for recycling, another for garden waste etc.  They look like this:

(they always say you should have a photo on every post - I don't think this was what they had in mind!)

They're designed so that the dustbin lorry can pick them up and tip the contents inside.  The council collects our green, general waste bin, every fortnight and the recycling bin the alternative week.

I put the green bin out last Friday morning as usual and when I came home from work, someone had stolen it.  Yes, wheelie bin theft is prevalent where I live.  They're either taken by large households so they can put two bins out, or they're taken and set fire to.  Ours has our address on it but a hunt down our road and the next didn't reveal the missing bin.  I wrote to the council and got a reply saying I had to pay £10 for a replacement!  Well, I'm not having that, why should I pay?  I might add that if I were on state benefits, I would get the bin for free but as I go to work and pay the taxes that pay for the rubbish collections, I have to pay if someone commits a crime against me.  Being the outspoken loud-mouth that I am, I wrote to my MP, the leader of the council and the local paper.  A reporter called me this afternoon and is coming round to take my picture tomorrow night!!  Fame!  She's also getting in touch with the council.  They picked the wrong person to pick on...

I'd posted about it on Facebook and one of the men's club at work just cornered me in the kitchen and went on about how I should have to pay for a replacement, why should the council pay!  I was a bit stunned, but then he is a director so probably wipes his bum with £50 notes!!

So that a picture of a bin isn't the only photo on this post, here are a couple of pics of my babies. 

I thought the picture of Tiff with the wheelie bin was quite relevant!


Sandra :) said...

Awwwwwwww sorry about your bin being stolen! Cute bunny pics though, lol!

The craft blog directory is a good idea but it'll be much better when it lists or categorizes which craft(s) the blog writes about. I'm mainly interested in sewing blogs, and don't have a great interest in toilet paper craft or papercraft or rug hooking blogs :D

Allie said...

I'll head over and add my blog to her list - it'll be great when she gets them categorized.

You should NOT have to pay for some thief. Good for you on speaking up and getting your story out! So proud of you! And the guy from the men's club can shove it, lol.

Your bunnies are soooooo darling!!!

Stitchin' time said...

With the bin - been there, done that or should I say had it done to me!
After the council expected me to pay to replace a bin - I was on a sole parent pension then as well - we (family and friends) finally located my bin on the other side of town. We enquired nicely where their bin came from and was told nastily they'd always had it, so we just snatched it back next garbage night and copiously decorated it with painted designs finishing with the address over the lid and sides in huge letters!! Same bin was still there 8 years later when I sold the house :). Hope you can locate yours or at least have it replaced free by council.

Cass said...

Wheelie bin fame! Woohoo! :)

The Dotty One said...

Thanks for the link to CraftyRie - I'll check it out sounds like an excellent idea.

Sorry to hear about your wheelie bin woes - at least you are going to be a famous now though!! Hope you get it sorted - so frustrating trying to deal with the council.

Nancy Lee said...

I am sorry to hear about the bin. However, I laughed out loud about the 50 pound note useage.
I think you should bling your new bin up until it is so hideous no one would touch it with a 10 foot pole. As a reporter who once was assigned these stories, I say they couldn't have picked a better interview. I see this as your entry into politics...remember I predicted this and I will look brilliant someday. Stop laughing. Bling the bin. Begin the movement...

Anglers Rest said...

You post made me smile. I was exactly the same when some little toad stole my recycle container. I live in Devon so we have a large black bin for waste, a large green bin for compost waste & cardboard. We then have (because those are not enough) a green container/box for milk and plastic containers and a large black box for tins and batteries. Likewise they are collected every two weeks. Replacement for wheelie bin £40 and £20 for box.

Likewise I refused to pay and shove it all in one! When the guys refused to take the tubs I said fine, then bring me a new one! and closed the door. A day later a new tub turned up!

Kelli said...

Found you via the FNSI link. Love the blue bird.. gonna check out the craft blog directory.. and I do NOT think you should have to pay for a new bin! I'm your newest follower. :o) Love making new blog friends from all over the world. Nice to meet you.