Friday, 18 November 2011

colin and ellis

More bunny pictures for you ladies and gentlemen until the weekend when I can get some pictures of other stuff in the light!  This time it's Colin and Ellis.

Colin's looking very worried here, butI don't know what about. He'd perhaps been told off for digging.  He's the worst digger ever.  He'll sit there and dig a hole, then turn round and dig another one behind it, filling in the first one as he goes!

Ellis is having a good sniff, there's probably scent of Tiff or Harry down there.

She's clearly happy with whatever she smelt as she's now having a lie down after a hard 5 minutes running round the garden.  It's a hard life.

Nice and comfy, until Colin comes along and starts sniffing her bum!  You're not a dog Colin!

"Hmmm, what did she smell?"

Both these bunnies are incredibly nosy.  I have to cover the other two bunnies up with old curtains to stop them fighting, something about the other two being loose in the garden makes the pairs fight.  Whichever bunnies are loose will spend most of their time trying to find out what's behind the curtains, though they already know as they've got in so many times!

More bum sniffing.  Must have a word with him about that.

And then the battle for supremacy.  "Groom me Ellis, I'm your boss".

"I said groom me!"

"No Colin, you groom me".

"Fine then, we'll just sit here like this."

Crafts coming up, promise!


Rosilene Poffo said...

A vida é benção, coelhinhos no Natal? Claro que sim!!! Ficou linda sua postagem. Muito criativa.

Allie said...

Hahaha! I love all the pics with the comments....they are just too darling!!

Michelle May said...

I love them! They are so adorable!

Laurie said...

Awwww! This makes me miss my bunnies, Alex and Mr. Peepers. I had them for 8 years, they lived in the house and had full run. With the cats, I don't dare get any more, but I did love having them!

Stephanie said...

Love the post! Such witty bunny banter. :)