Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fiddly little fractionals

First of all, before I even write anything - I apologise for the quality of the photo!  I had a few minutes to spare before work yesterday so took some things outside to snap some photographs, but I was really rubbish about it.  Firstly, the photos are rubbish, secondly I didn't take very many, forgetting to take photos of several items.

Today's post was going to be about my birthday presents but as I only have photos of a handful, I'm going to delay that one!  One present in particular needs good light so you can appreciate it (my first piece of real art!).

So, instead, I bring you one measly photo of something I've stitched.

This cross stitched iris is destined to be a bookmark from my nana-in-law, Iris.  It's stitched on 14 count Aida and although it looks pretty simple, the entire flower head has about 8 full stitches in it, the rest are fractionals.  Wow, was that fiddly!  I've also used metallic threads in the border which were over stitched over the normal thread, I found them tricky too.

This was from a free pattern but I can't find the link.  The web address is on the pattern so I'll publish the link when I show you the finished bookmark.

There is a back to the pattern, but I think I'm going to back it in felt and add a tassle.  I finished this up on Monday when we got home from my birthday weekend away, then last night I wanted to continue the Yoda amigurumi I'm making.  I started crocheting away, then realised I hadn't used a stitch marker and it was impossible to know where I'd got to with my tight little dcs (scs).  I frogged it and started again but the curly yarn made it impossible, so I cut that bit off and started again.  10 minutes in and guess what?  I'd forgotten to put the stitch marker in!  Duh!  I gave up at that point and sat staring blankly at the TV for half an hour before bed!  I might try again tonight, or I might get on with the next cross stitch I'm doing for Christmas presents.

I've got loads of posts lined up, it's just that the majority are missing a photo or too!  To whet your appetite (or make you decide not to come back for a few weeks), here's what I've got for you:

My birthday presents (mainly crafty / craft-related)
Some Christmas presents I'm halfway through making
Colin and Ellis
A gift bag tutorial
The low-down on the spinning class I went to a couple of weeks ago
Some birthday cards

I think that's it at the moment!  Watch this space...


The Dotty One said...

Very pretty! It was worth all the work with those fractionals!
Looking forward to the upcoming posts x

Allie said...

Wow that is pretty - worth it I would say! I had to laugh about your Yoda, we MUST be sisters.
Taking pics at this time of year is so impossible...there is NO LIGHT!

Kandi said...

Oohh that cross stitch is beautiful! When I do bookmarks I always add felt to the back, thr thought of going through the same again for the back just makes me weep! Cross stitch is beautiful it's just soooo time consuming.
The lack of light is part of the reason I'm not blogging much its so difficult to get good photos. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts.
Kandi x