Sunday, 27 November 2011

A special parcel

My lovely bloggy friend Katherine recently offered to send me a parcel as I'd been feeling down. I was delighted to accept and said I'd send her something in return.  Unfortunately, my little parcel pales in comparison to Katherine's, look at this for a wonderful mid-winter gift!

Katherine was so thoughtful, knowing I do lots of different crafts, she really treated me!  A crochet magazine (Canadian?), some gorgeous yarn, Aida, threads and a beautiful handmade needle case complete with needles!  2 bars of the world's best chocolate, ribbon, sunflower buttons, a beautiful handmade pin cushion and a string of lovely beads.  Thanks Katherine, you are so generous!

Just look at the lovely fabrics in the pincushion, my favourite colour and so skillfully made, I have no idea how she made this!

And a gorgeous needlecase - that button is actually a popper!

Check out the card - how fab is that?  Katherine, you're a lovely friend and so very generous.  Thank you very much.

I also got a parcel from the Wee Pixie.  She'd offered some DS fabrics from Joann's to 3 of us lucky Brit Quilters and I managed to get in there.  She then emailed me again last week saying she had some more and did I want them?  Yes!! 

These are actually my favourites of all the DS fabrics.  I considered hording them with the others, but in fact I got them all out on Sunday and have nearly used them all up...  quite a turnaround!  Thanks ladies!


Stitched Together said...

It never ceases to amaze me at how generous the folk in the crafting community are, especially those online. What a lovely set of gifts you got.

faith76 said...

What lovely gifts :)

Loving the handmade pincushion x

Have a lovely week!

Leah x

The Dotty One said...

Ooooh - you are a lucky girl! I love that piun cushion :o)

Allie said...

Such lovely gifts for a lovely girl - that pincushion really is darling, is the chocolate gone yet? *G*

Fiona said...

great gifts.. and I hope you are feeling much more on the upside now...

Pootle Handmade said...

What lovely gifts you lucky thing! x

Sandra :) said...

Lucky lady - those are fun goodies! I know Katherine - she's definitely a lovely lady!

Katherine said...

So happy that you like what I sent, Wendy. I had such fun choosing and making little things to send. Hearing your glowing praise has me beaming. Bringing a smile to your day gives me great pleasure, sweet friend.