Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Spa Kit - kitchen crafts

Well how frustrating. First of all, when I first came to write this post I'd put a load of photos into posts, ready to write them up, then I sat down to write them up and Blogger had stolen them! Fine then Blogger, I'll just put them all back in, shall I? Don't you worry, I've got all the time in the world, unlike you, sitting around being a computer programme.  Then, last night, in the midst of Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway week giveaway entering, Blogger decided to disable my account and remove my blog!  I finally got it back, after several hours of panic and even a little dispair.  I'd scheduled this post to post Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon I come into the blog to have a look at something and guess what, it's only posted half my post, removing all my photos and just stopping halfway through!  Bloody great.  Doesn't Blogger know I'm meant to be at work right now, and, worse than that, I'm meant to be going out for a fag break?  Grrr.

I've done.

So, what was this post about? Ah, kitchen crafts. No, not cooking, I don't do cooking. I do do baking but I don't really blog about that. This is kitchen crafts of the beauty variety. I fancied trying something new (don't I always?!) and these seemed ideal additions to my spa kits (which are so close to being done!).

First up, handmade bath bombs.

In this picture they're just in food bags, I didn't dare take them out and take photos of them naked as I had a few issues with them.  As you can see, the blue ones are crumbling.  I found this really hard.  The recipe said to use the tiniest weeniest bit of water, but I couldn't get them to stick together and I think I ended up adding too much water. 

I wrapped them in a bit of cellaphane and tied them with a ribbon type thing I had.  Not the best packaging in the world, but to be honest, by this point I was sick of the damn things!  I don't think this is a craft I'll be repeating.

Next up was soap.  Not real cold-press soap, just melt and pour stuff.

Here they are.  Three colours and three different scents.  Some have flowers in them but they mainly ended up on the base.  The recipe said to leave the soap for 10 minutes to set, then stir in the flowers. Well they were set after 10minutes, completely set!  I must have done something wrong.

It was quite fun doing this, and I might do it again if people ask for them, but it was very quick and easy.  This could easily be done by children.  Or me. 

I just wrapped them in cellophane and added a bit of washi tape, you see, I'd overlooked something important.  I'm allergic to soap.  Yes, that's right, I'm allergic to soap so I decided to make... soap.  There's a word for people like me.  Yes, that's the one.  Anyway, by the time I got to this point, my hands were falling off in large chunks (bit overdramatic but you get the picture) and I didn't really want to touch them any more!

I just accidentally closed the window (on the computer, not in the office) and lost half of this post.  I'm about ready to jump out of that damn window, I tell you.  And to add to that, I've got a papercut that's as pathetic as they come but it hurts like hell.  Wow, such moaning and whining and whinging!  I've finished now, happy face is back, it's fag and coffee time and I've just had an email saying it's someone's birthday and there's cakes in the kitchen... Yippee!!!


The Dotty One said...

Oh no! I really feel for you - blogger seems to have a mind of its own half of the time! I find it always moves things about and changes fonts and formatting, grrrrr. It has improved a lot since i swiched from internet explorer to firefox so i don't know if that would help you?

V impressed with your soaps and bath bombs. I've always steered clear of stuff like that cos of my allergies to such things (similar to you!) so I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try them. I'm even allergic to bloomin latex gloves so I can't protect my hands with those!

Hope the cake was good and you are calmer now :o)

Jillayne said...

Well, they do look pretty!
Hope your hands heal soon and Blogger starts behaving!

Sandra :) said...

Blogger is evil - it really is. Why they make it so hard to position pictures and text is beyond comprehension, and the fact that it works sometimes and not others, is just part of their evil PLOT!!! I guess you get what you pay for, and I do like it overall!

I've often wondered about making those bath bombs - I rather suspected that it might not be as easy as some tutorials online lead one to believe. Yours look cute, though, as do your soaps! I think I see a chunk of Wendy hand in that last picture though - you may want to reposition the soaps *wink* ;)

Joysze said...

Love those bath bombs. The piggy one cracked me up! :D

Kandi said...

Ooohh I'm so impressed! I intend to make bath bombs and soaps sometime soon, yours look beautiful!
I'm having problems with blogger too, it's messing my photos up and generally annoying me!
Kandi x

Stitchin' time said...

Who hasn't had a drama with Blogger at some stage? My original blog vanished for a while and then when it reappeared I couldn't get into it so after being blogless for a bit I started another one.
Is the unmentioned word "daft"?! I wear rubber gloves when crafting anything that involves water as latex makes me itch. I've made scented bath salts and I have made bath bombs and as the ingredients are mostly the same just pulverise your broken ones and you have fizzing (well my one was) bath salts. Kids love them and will pour a whole pack in, if they're not supervised, just to watch the bath behave like a tiny volcano! I wonder where that recipe is now?
The soaps could have set quickly due to cold temperatures. If you do them again in Winter stir your flowers in about half way through setting time. It can't make any difference if they sink to the bottom of unset liquid. Cute mold shapes!

Fiona said...

most impressed with your hand made gifts...
glad you got your blog back fine...

Allie said...

Well I am impressed, girl! I hope you got your break in, and enjoyed that cake. You sure do have some pretty gifts to give, good job!