Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Winter Stitching Update - Halfway through!

I've rejigged the list and taken off Christmas stuff that just didn't happen.  No use beating myself up about it!
FairyFace Designs

Birthdays before Christmas
1. Crochet hook case for mum - completed at the end of October
2. A thread catcher for mum - completed at the end of October
3. 2 x car kits, 1 for my dad and 1 for my FIL - completed at the beginning of November
4. 2 x mug rugs for the same 2 men - completed at the beginning of November
Other pre-Christmas stuff
5. An item or two for a private swap - completed at the beginning of November
6. Advent calendar for my goddaughter - completed at the end of November

Christmas presents
7. Finish the CRM cushion for mum - completed in December

8. Glasses cases x 4 for mum, dad, FIL and an aunty - completed in December
9. Frilly apron for the MIL - completed November
10. Spa kits of my own devising x 6 for MIL, SIL, niece and 3 friends - completed in December
11. Finish the Petit Ecole table runner for my brother and his girlfriend - completed in December
12. Wine cosy for my brother - Completed in December
13. Iris cross stitch bookmark for Nana-in-law - completed in November

14. Tea cup candles all round -completed in December along with a lot more candles!
15. A frog x-stitch pouch from Cross Stitcher for my best bud - completed in November
16. Something for my friend's baby. - I've already made him a linen bunny, and now two bear hats. - completed in November
17. wash bags for dad and FIL  - completed in December
18. Gift tags - completed in December
19. Cookies in a jar x 18 - completed in December
20. Scrubbies for dad, brother, FIL - in progress - I just made one in the end
21. Bird feeders - in progress - these all got finished
22. Reinbeers for dad and FIL (stolen from Pinterest!) - these were finished too

General Stuff
23. 4 PIF gifts - put off til after christmas - still not done!
24. I'd like to finish the alphabet chart for my goddaughter. I'm on N. - No progress
25. Amigurumi pig for mum for mother's day - nope, not done

My nephew's birth in February
26. Quilt - the top is pieced, next the quilting!
27. Crochet receiving blanket - half done
28. Sewn booties - not started yet
29. A cushion for his nursery  - not started either
30. Trousers - no, not started!
31. Crochet bear hats - done in November

32. Appliquéd baby grows - again, not started

Stuff for myself (for a change)
33. The dining room chair cushions
34. Matching table topper
35. And placemats
36. Crochet hook case
37. A coffee mat as my coffee pot drips
38. A lunch bag
39. Shopping bags for the supermarket
          None of these have been started

40. A handbag - yes!  This was done in January, quite spontaneously

41. A needle book or 3 - not done

Brother's birthday - none of these are done
42. Coasters with cross stitch - quotes from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
43. Matching coffee mat
43. A cross stitched towel (just a band, not the whole thing!!) again with the quotes. 
44. Flash drive keyring
45. Yoda ami
46. crochet R2D2
47. Giant granny blanket - no progress
48. Granny square cushion - no progress
49. Sampler blanket -  no progress
50. Hardanger - no progress
51. Crochet bag - no progress
52. Tea cup embroidery - no progress
53. Secret project - can't tell you about it! - Yes, some progress!  But I can't tell you about it...

So I've added them up and it seems I've done 24 items and have 30 left to do.  That doesn't add up to 53 but I've checked it twice and can't see where I'm wrong!  I've got a long way to go and having an unproductive January isn't helping! 


Sandra :) said...

Sweetie just think of how much LESS you would have gotten done, if you didn't have the list to spur you on! Better to plan on 53 and complete 24, than to plan on 7 and complete 2!!

Sandra :) said...

P.S. You used the #43 twice - that may be why things don't add up ;)

The Dotty One said...

that is an amazing list - well done! and good aims for the future too. i really find making a list helps. although your list has made me feel a bit lazy - mine only has about 10 things on it!!

good luck with it all and looking forward to seeing your progress as always x

The Sunflower Patch said...

You are amazing!

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Dont worry about the stuff not done - just look at everything you got done, I'm tired just reading it! Well done you :-) Thanks for linking up x