Friday, 3 February 2012

Winnings and "no I didn't buy it, I won it"s

Wow, how slack have I been on the blogging front?  You know, I'm completely and utterly overwhelmed at the moment.  Life just seems too much and I haven't had time to make much (I did finish the stitching on the not-a-flowerpot, but have yet to photograph it or make it up into the finished product) or blog much, but I've had nothing much to blog about anyway.  I'm trying to decorate, clean, declutter and prettify the house.  After nearly 5 years of living in it, it's about time and I'm at it with a vengence.  Add to that the diet/exercise class I've joined, the drudge of daily life and obligations such as seeing the in-laws and I've not got much time to myself.  It just feels like too much.  Oh, I'm also trying to organise my life, I'm sick of realising my MOT is 3 months over due, or looking for my car insurance to find that my breakdown insurance ran out a year ago, missing people's birthdays etc, so I'm trying to get a "life plan" in place for all that!  I do hope this blog will return to normal in the near future, but for the time being will you bear with me?

These are "winnings" of the "no darling, of course I didn't buy more fabric from the Print-to-Polkadots sale, I won it.  Yes, I do seem to win a lot of fabric..." variety.  Some half metres, some fat quarters.  No plans for them yet. 

This, however, is a true winning.  I won this in Loretta's Advent Giveaway.  How cute is that little frame?

And this lovely pile of Tanya Wheelan FQs is a winning from the Eclectic Maker via The Sewing Directory.  Thanks EM and TSD, I love Tanya Wheelan fabrics!

This one was a little present from my mum, it's tiny, as you really can't tell as I didn't put anything in the photo for scale, but it's about 5cm / 2inches tall.  Sweet!

On the non-craft related front, it's been a traumatic/funny week.  There was the incident of the car keys locked in the boot, then I went to get my headlamp bulb replaced yesterday and discovered my bonnet wont unlock as the lock is dead, the central locking has died on the car and yesterday my dearly beloved finished eating all the veg on his plate to find a dead, cooked catepillar!!  That did make me snigger.  It made him sick but I still thought it was funny!

Busy weekend ahead, shelves to put up (they're painted!) and fill, a door to paint, bathroom and kitchen ceilings to paint, a visit to the in-laws, a trip to the garage to get my bonnet lock finished to fork out for and hopefully some crafting to be done!  In the meantime ladies, please do some crafting on my behalf, I miss it!


Allie said...

Sweetie, you're crafting your life right now...that's ok! We'll still be here when you're back to crafting stuff. UGH about the caterpillar, although I'd laugh if it was my hubby and not me. Lovely, lovely winnings, even the faux ones, lol. Hugs to you, busy girl!

The Dotty One said...

Awww - sorry you aren't having much time for crafting at the moment. Sounds like you are being v productive in other areas though which needs doing too so try not to worry about it - although I know why you must miss it!
And well done on all those lovely fabric winnings (and "winnings"!) - you'll have lots of lovely fabric to play with when you do have time again!
Have a good weekend and take care of yourself (try not to overdo it!)

Sandra :) said...

Would you mind sharing your recipe for caterpillar? I only know how to bake them, and I'm sure there must be other delicious ways to prepare them - they're in season now!!! ;)

Sorry you have so much on your plate right now - try to simplify your life and let go of a few things if you can - the less you have on your plate when you're stressed, the easier it will be to get through it!

Love your fabrics - the toasters are a hoot, and that animal print (top picture, top row, second from the right) is one I spotted a few days ago and decided to order to make something for my great nephew (shorts set for the summer maybe?) - it's adorable!

Stitchin' time said...

Ahahahahahahaha.....thunk! Oops, fell of the chair. Tell dearly beloved it's just extra protein but would he prefer it raw next time as cooking probably diminishes the vitamin value! His expression at that should be worth another giggle.
Love your 'winnings'. I tell DH they are winnings too but I think he became a bit suspicious last year so I reduced my purchases. I can also tell him my Mum gave it to me as she also sews and quilts and she gives me lots of stuff she won't use anymore :0.
Sounds like you're Spring cleaning early so best to get it all out of your system so you can craft in peace.