Friday, 20 April 2012

finishing stuff off

Oh dear.  Blogger has changed my interface.  I've been ignoring it's perky little message about a "great" new interface, try it now.  But it's happened.  It's rubbish, isn't it?  One thing it doesn't take into account is that I'm writing this post secretly at work, so I can't have a massive big window open on my computer, I've just got it small, about a quarter of the screen - that means I can't see the left hand side of what I've written! 

I've got a new addiction - more to be revealed at the weekend possibly - so I've just got bits to show you, things I've written about before but that I've now finally finished.  This is my blackwork piece finally mounted in the frame that I painted white.  Why is painting so bloody hard?  I used acrylic paints and it was just yuck.

It's now in my "gallery".  Can you have a gallery of two?  I'm hoping more will be joining them, but until then am I allowed to call it a gallery?  Will I get into trouble if I do?  And with who...? 

The next finish was the beanbags.  I don't know if you remember this, I posted about them and then I posted that I'd lost 4 of the 10 bags?  I found them.  In my little drawer that contains my Aida and evenweave.  Obviously.  Where-else would I have put 2/5 of a half-finished project??

When I found them, I quickly stuffed them and sewed them up before I lost them again, then whipped up a really quick and easy reversable draw-string bag. 

These are destined for a 1 year old, well actually he's now 1 year and a month, his present was a bit late, so I used little boy fabrics.

Choo-choos on one side and monsters on the other. 

I don't know if his mum will reverse the bag, but I think it looks pretty funky with one side showing and the collar turned down.  If you want to make some of these bean bags, I wrote a tutorial a while ago - you can find it here.

It was our second wedding anniversary on Tuesday so I had to whip up a quick card.  We didn't do anything to celebrate, but we did buy presents.  I bought him some cord and a macrame book, he bought me a very expensive bracelet - ooops!  I had a strange dream on Tuesday night - I dreamt that my husband had married my colleague and neither of them could understand why I was upset about it (still being married to and living with my husband!)...  it was one of those realistic dreams and poor Mr CA got a bit of a telling off in the morning!

Well that's it for now, I'd better go and do some work!  


Celtic Thistle said...

I have been ignoring that message too, sounds like I should have a look at it now! I love your blackwork, I have never tried it even although I have several blackwork patterns, might just have to dig them out.

Happy 2nd Anniversary too!

Sandra :) said...

I literally LOL'd when I read about your anniversary gifts to each other - I do love the way you think!

Sweet XS's - a gallery is what you SAY it is! The beanbag gifty is adorable - I'm glad you found the pieces that were hiding, hehe.

Rosa said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Poor man, being told off because of a dream *lol*
You have my permission to call the two beautiful embroideries on your wall a gallery. If anyone gives you any kind of trouble -- send them to me. That would be a telling off *lol*
You get so much DONE. I'm a bit jealous, so I'm slowly turning my attention to more doable stuff, as in finishable this year. Or next month. Or sometimes soon;-)

Nancy Lee said...

OMG! I hate those dreams! You end up being bent out of shape almost all day -- and you try to analyze why it is you dreamed that dream in the first place. Truly horrible.
Your works of art on the other hand are lovely! If you lightly sand the outside of the hoop with extra fine sandpaper you will likely be happier with the painting. It took me forever to work that out...
Happy Anniversary!

Allie said...

I never even saw the message, lol - almost had heart failure when I opened my blog this morning! Love your gallery, girl, you can call it whatever you want. I think it's charming! I can't wait to see it grow.

Good job on the beanbags, I do love the two fabrics showing, very sweet. Happy Anniversary!!! I've had those dreams myself and boy did dh hear about it. love the card you made!

W. Latane Barton said...

I love the framed handwork. So pretty and just think, with two you know you will have to do more.

Jaime said...

Hi, I'm Jaime. I run a blog called The Dress-up Drawer and I was just passing through. Love your blog!
I have a great giveaway going on right now for a personalized platter from The Southern Belle Boutique and just thought it might interest you. Thanks for letting me say hi!

Shami Immanuel said...

Hi wendy,
Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog.

You blog is wonderful and have many useful stuffs. I like the way u have framed the embroidered pieces using the hoop and making it into a gallery. Me to have some embroidered pieces and I now have an idea like yours to create a gallery in my home.
I would like to follow u.

Shami Immanuel.