Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Zakka Style SAL week 3 - pincushion

I'm back with another project for the Zakka Style Sew-Along, and I'm lucky to be here.  OK, so that's a tad dramatic.  It's been chucking it down in Nottingham the past 2 days and yesterday I aquaplaned in my car.  It's never happened to me before and my heart hurt so much I actually wondered if I'd had a heart attack! 
Zakka Style Sew Along
If you're interested in the Zakka Style Sew-Along, you can link up here and go and see the post by this week's host, Ayumi at Pink Penguin.

This week's project was a sweet little pincushion.  I could actually do with another as I like to have them scattered all around my sewing room so I was definitely in with this one.

I used some grey linen scraps, the back is grey linen too as I don't have pink linen as the book suggested, or any other colour apart from neutrals.  The scrap of fabric is from Ruby and the button is covered in a tiny piece of Bliss.

This was my first time fabric stamping.  I ordered a red and a black fabric ink pad on line which took some doing.  The first shop I tried wanted £4 for delivery!  £4 to deliver 2 ink pads??  I don't think so!  It took a couple of attempts to get a good impression on my cotton tape, then I messed one up by ironing it too soon after I'd stamped which made the ink run. 

I've covered buttons before so that bit was easy, sewing the trim on was not!  It just kept shifting.  It wasn't until I'd made the pin cushion that I read Ayumi's post - she suggests using glue to hold it down whilst you sew.  Too late now! 

Can you see that the pincushion is a bit of an odd shape around the button?  I came to fill it and realised I didn't have any fibre fill, it's been on my craft shopping list (along with pins and chunky white yarn) for so long, I'd forgotten I needed it.  I used some lavendar instead.

See what I mean about the oddness?  I quite like it though, and it smells nice.

I also had a parcel this week.  When I opened it, I couldn't remember buying this elephant fabric, then I touched it and realised it was the PUL I'd ordered as a lining for a new lunch box for me.  It's from Prints to Polka Dots.  I didn't remember ordering the butterfly fabric either, but I'm glad I did!  I did remember buying the Heat and Bond that came with the fabric though!

Whilst I was buying, I added in a little scrap pack of blues for my bathroom curtains (It's taking me so long to make them, I'm sure you've forgotten, except you Dotty as you'll have entered it into your spreadsheet...  but I'm doing granny blocks...).  So, a peak at my scraps especially for Katherine.

I got Pips!  The Superman print is destined for a Jacob babygrow...

Next weeks SAL is a sewing kit, I'm in on that one too and then I've got Jacoby-type things to make, a poofie to reupholster for my brother (how did I get dragged into that??  What do I know about upholstery?), oven gloves to sew, candles to make... the curtains aren't going to get a look in.



The Dotty One said...

Haha - I'd forgotten about the spreadsheet - better get it updated asap!

I love those fabrics, the elephants and the butterflies are gorgeous. And looking forward to seeing the patchwork curtains too.

I'm really liking the zakka patterns you are doing...I'm tempted to buy the book but not sure I can justify anymore craft books!!

ayumills said...

Your pincushion turned out so pretty, Wendy!!

Rosa said...

Oh dear - I hope you are alrigth? Scary accident with your car - uhh...
I like your pincushion - I've never thought that you could fill it with lavender, such a good idea.
Off to check out the Zakka SAL:-)

Nicole Maki said...

Your pin cushion is lovely and I adore that stamp you used.

I filled mine with herbs as well but I layered them between the Polyfil. It's wonderful having such sweet smelling pin cushions.

Enjoy your new fabric - it's super cute.

Amy DeCesare said...

Very cute pincushion, and I bet it smells very soothing.

Allie said...

Eek - be careful girl!! I hate when that happens.

I love your pincushion, and I think it's brilliant that you filled it with it smells as good as it looks! Yummy! Really love all your fabric, too!

TheAccidentalCrafter said...

Glad you're ok.
What great thinking with the filling, I think the lavender makes a nicer smelling substitute too. Cute bunnies.

Amy - while wearing heels said...

Your pincushion is ADORABLE. I didn't even realize you could stamp fabric...I love that I learned something new and was inspired! I can't wait to try it. I also am drooling over what great fabric you have.

Amy @

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Very cute idea.


Katherine said...

Loving your Zakka style pincushions Wendy! Especially the cute bunny stamp you added and the fact that you filled it with lavender. (I keep a lavender sachet in my tin of quilting pins - makes me look forward to basting... hee hee)

Ooooh, thanks for the sneak peek at your scrap collection. You do know I love me some scraps! Fingers crossed that you'll be able to get back to your curtain making. Happy sewing!

hannahw said...

What a great little pincushion! And you fabrics are to-die-for!
Here is my Made With Love Monday link-up:

Indianna said...

Just came over from sew happy geek - love the pin cushion and think you broke the record for the number of kinky oops linky parties - oh isn't the auto correct great sometimes!