Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Itty Bitty Beading

Remember how I'm not buying any more craft books as I have enough to stock a library? Well technically I didn't buy any more, but I did win some Amazon vouchers and one of the books I bought with them was 100 Beaded Treasures Trinkets and Charms.

I love this book! I got started at the weekend and soon got the hang of it. First up I made this wine bottle and glass to be a birthday card for Mr CA. The stem of the wine glass was tricky, but apart fro that this really is a simple craft (with simple motifs. I have plans to try French beaded flowers which look much more complicated) and I'd soon got it done. I decided not to make a card as I was running out of time and so just made a gift tag.

Even though it was his birthday yesterday, he hasn't seen it yet. I came back from Tunisia on Friday and he went away to work on site on Saturday, getting back this morning about 3am.

The next project is a champagne bottle (no different to the wine bottle!) and champagne flute. I need to make another flute, then this will be a congratulations card for my brother who just got engaged.

Last night I whipped up this daisy. It's a bit messy, but I quite like it. I didn't have any yellow beads of a good size to make the centre yellow. One thing I did find out is that if your seed beads are of various sizes, you have to adjust the number you use. It's not hard though.

Finally, I had to have a go at the little piggy. My mum loves pigs so it's for her. I took the book and my beads over on Sunday for dinner and was making the wine bottles. Mum was immediately intrigued and photocopied a couple of designs to give it a go. I bet she buys another beading book before the end of the week!

One thing that did perturb me... Reading the reviews of beading books on the Internet, it seems like this is a kid's craft... what do you think?


Celtic Thistle said...

Your beaded tags look great Wendy. It looks far too fiddly to be considered a kids craft to me! Maybe if the beads were three times the size I could see how that might be, but with titchy beads like yours and champagne bottles to boot, don't think so!

cauchy09 said...

oh, these look super cute! you are a multicraftual wonder.

Sandra :) said...

I agree with Celtic Thistle - if you were using those plastic pony beads and plastic string (I forget what that stuff is called) it might be a kids craft, but small/glass beads = definitely for grown-ups. I LOVE THAT DAISY!!! A pink centre is perfect :) I think if you have "Japanese" seed beads they're all the same size (and far more expensive) - I've noticed too that my regular old cheapy seed beads are different sizes, but I actually prefer that look to the perfection of the fancier beads. They just look more homey to me. :)

Rosa said...

Kids craft?
For heavens sake... I cut up
perfectly good fabrics into small bits and sew them together again! And sometimes I do it very wonky!
I glue fabric together and scream of joy when I discover a fussy cut monkey or daisy. And I am an adult *lol*
I don't have steady hands for beadwork but that pig is a darling:-)

Little Treasures said...

It is absolutely gorgeous!

Mag said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. i love the bead craft. and i don't think it's only for kids. i've seen pretty rings that made w/ beads.

Connie said...

Wow! Love this, please share it! Link it up with me on my Wow Us Wednesday, ok? Over at

Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

I saw your link and couldn't wait to check these out, but for some strange reason the post text & images aren't there. I checked in two other browsers and same thing. Would love to see & feature these!