Thursday, 10 May 2012

Not a sewing post!

Good morning ladies.  This morning I have something different to show you as I know it's become very sewingy around here lately!  First though, Colin is better!  I'm so releaved and I think we were both releaved that he didn't have to have a bum bath last night.

I've been working on my dancer cross stitch.  I didn't think I'd got much done, but I had...  here is where I was with the last update a couple of weeks ago:

And here is where I am now:

You may notice that the spikes coming out of the male dancers head are no longer there.  I'd miscounted and had to unpick - about 2 - 3 hours work!  I think I made up for it though.  I love it when the picture starts to take shape.

The other non-sewingy thing I've been working on is my glass design.  I mentioned that I've signed up for a 10-week glass class but I haven't told you much more.  I've got my first piece back now and I'll show it to you at the weekend when I get a chance to take some photos.  I then moved on and, with a little encouragement from the tutor, decided to make a glass panel to go above my front door.  So I started to draw.

Now, I've always thought I can't draw, can't design.  This sort of proved me wrong.  OK, so I'm in no danger of becoming an artist, I doubt I can draw anything lifelike but I was unbelievably chuffed with this design.  It's based on Mackintosh, but I put it together and drew the elements myself.

I'm afraid it's a bit hard to make out as it's drawn in pencil and the paper is enormous so I found it hard to get a shot that wasn't from so far away you couldn't see what was on it.  I'm going to be showing you this regularly as the design takes shape.  Oh I'm going to bore you to death!

For those that are interested, the rose, stem, leaf and large checkered part in the bottom right hand corner are going to be fused glass.  Everything will be lead-lighted.  The big round dots in the background are green glass pebbles and the small dots in the border are clear glass pebbles.  I'm so excited!!


Celtic Thistle said...

Your glass class sounds like so much fun, and your design looks really good. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on this.

Would make a great paper-pieced pattern too!

Truly Myrtle said...

Your dancers are stunning! That is such a huge amount of work - I am very impressed!
And, your stained glass is going to be just beautiful. I think the rose is so lovely - elegant.

mdgtjulie said...

Oooooh, I can hardly wait to see your glass. The pic you drew looks beautiful. And your dancers look fab too. Keep up the good work. As for Colin, I'm relieved for you. I know how hard it can be when a furbaby gets sick. Glad he's feeling better!!

JoJo said...

LOVE cross stitch! I am particularly addicted to beaded cross stitch. Always wanted to take a stained glass class too. Great design!

tillymint said...

Oh what a shame you had to unpick part of your stitching, it's looking absolutely beautiful! Your glass design is fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on this!

Rosa said...

I can't wait to be bored to death;-) That glaspanel is a very interesting project - you take care now that you-know-who does not get any near that piece when it is finished *lol* (well, that was actually not funny..)
The dansers already look beautiful - a lot of work - nice

Allie said...

You're really making progress on your x-stitch, I love seeing the picture coming to life too! And OH MY GOODNESS your glass is going to be spectacular - your design is AWESOME - I do think you're in danger of becoming an artist, girl! Please oh please keep this in a safe place, lol.

Very glad to hear Colin is feeling better!!!

Sandra :) said...

You could have changed the spikes to brown, then he would be wearing a mohawk, heehee!!

Your glass design is lovely - how big is it? It'll be fun to see it coming together - hopefully this one doesn't get broken *ahem* !!! ;)