Sunday, 29 July 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along week 17 - Linen pouch

Morning ladies.  Now I bet you thought I'd pulled out of the Zakka Style Sew Along, didn't you?  I haven't!  I did miss a few weeks, there were some projects I didn't fancy and one, the elephant bookmark, that I did but just couldn't make time for.  I have joined in this week!  Right against the wire as the deadline is today.

Zakka Style Sew Along

If you've joined in, or just want to see what others have made, the link up is here, you can also visit this week's host - Sukie at Don't You Know Who I Am?
This week we made a cute little linen pouch.  I made this for me, but have no idea what I'll do with it.  I'm sure I'll find a use!  When listing items in my shop (see that sneaky link I got in there??), I noticed that the vast majority of my makes are blue, probably because it's my favourite colour, but it's about time I branched out. 

Here's the front of my bag all laid out.  The scrap of fabric is from some fat quarters I won from the lovely Rosa.  If you don't know Rosa, go and visit her, she's lovely.  I used more of Rosa's fabric for the lining and binding.

The little bunny is from the lovely Sandra, I know a lot of you know Sandra but if you don't, go and visit her, she's lovely too.  In fact, Rosa and Sandra, do you know each other?  Back to the bunny - this time I sewed it on the right way round, yay, go me!

I laid it out exactly like in the photo in the book, I know, I'm so imaginative!  I did add the yellow plastic heart button as it was all getting a bit too vintage looking.  I also added the sewing machine charm.  Every bit of it was sewn on by machine, buttons, charms and all.  I'm just so lazy.  I did notice when I took the pictures that I've sewn the sewing machine on back-to-front.  But that's fine.  I wanted the back of a sewing machine on my pouch anyway.

It closes with a big button and some gold cord type stuff.  But it'll only close if it's incredibly full as the cord is too long!

As you can see, I used the wrong side of the linen on the back!  I used the old curtains my mum gave me again and forgot there was a front and a back as there isn't with the other linen I've been using. 

The only hand stitching I did was the binding at the top.

Now, I keep saying I'll be showing you progress shots and works in progress and I keep failing completely, so here's a work in progress shot!  It's a little embroidery I'm working on using Perle cotton size 8, I think.

1 more thing before you go.... ladies!  Stop chatting to Sandra and Rosa for a minute, you can go back to your gossiping later...  I've made it into the final round of July's Finest Week 3 and I'm in the running for July's Finest Week 4... if you fancy voting for me, can you please go here.  Feel free to vote for someone else of course, I'd rather people were honest and voted for the project they like best.

Right, I've got a caffetiere to fill with coffee.  Missing my coffee machine badly...

Remember, only 2 days to go!
Don't forget to enter my Something Old, Something New competition.  The deadline is 31st July and there is a prize!

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Brandi said...

Your pouch turned out great. I can think of so many great uses for it. I will have to try sewing my own.

Liz DandeliondD said...

Nice pouch. Its a great project this week - so quick and easy.

Celtic Thistle said...

Neat pouch, I have fallen off the Zakka-style bandwagon too, but will, hopefully get back into it soon.

JoJo said...

The pouch and embroidery are awesome! I hear you on needing to branch out w/ other colours. I tend to do lots of blues, greens and purples! It's a struggle to force myself to work in yellow and orange, my least fave colours.

Allie said...

What a darling pouch, Wendy! I love it! I love all the extra touches on it, the heart, the bunny, the rick-rack and lace....just lovely.

Your stitching is to go vote...

Anna said...

Have a creative week.

Sandra :) said...

The pouch is great - I love the embellishments (especially one in particular, LOL!)! BTW - you might be able to shorten the gold cord by tying a knot in the end at just the right part :) I haven't done any of the projects in the sew-along for months - my bad!

Nancy Lee said...

I voted for you! Also, I think your pouch is pretty cool. I gotta go and finish my project for your repurposeful challenge. Nothing like the very last minute, I always say. :-)

Rosa said...

Ohhh.. thank you for writing so sweet about me, I'm not quite sure I deserve it.
Reading this post actually solved a mystery to me.
Sunday and monday I had more than 500 visits (!) to my blog and when I checked my statistics 90% of them were from... Russia!!!
I have been a bit nervous that the Mafia, Putin and his gang was hitting on me - now I understand that it was your Russian Fan club visiting my blog!
I'm sure Sandra is lovely - how can we not be when we know yoú?

Lovely purse, Wendy. And very nice fabric;-))

Tonight I can sleep weel. No Russians stalking. Pheew..

Louise said...

Oh it's so lovely! I want one! :)


Katie said...

Thank you for sharing with us on A Crafty Soiree, I've featured your project this week. Please come by and see if when you get a chance.