Thursday 20 September 2012

Monster bibs

Bonjour mes amis!  All being well, this post should go live just as I arrive at Tunis airport for my return journey.  Just think, I could be arguing with the natives, dropping food, falling over, any number of things right now!  Small incident at breakfast this morning where the waiter caught me stiring my coffee with my fork, but nothing too exciting this trip I'm afraid.

The hotel disco next door continues... oh no hang on, I'm getting this all wrong.  I'm publishing this post tomorrow, which is today, so the waiter saw me yesterday, if he'd seen me today, your today, I'd have to have  crystal ball to know that I was going to/had done it.  Confusing?

Anyway, enough of my nonsense.  I'm here to show you something I made.  I used this tutorial at Stubbornly Crafty to make these unbelievably cute (if I do say so myself) bibs.

He he, aren't they lovely!  I was originally going to do both in that spotty fabric on the left.  I read the instructions - cut out my two 12.5 x 10 pieces...  then realised I'd cut them 10 x 10.  What a prat.  I didn't have enough left to make two more, so I just substituted a different fabric and used the Amy Butler leftovers from my Stem Messenger bag on the bottoms.

Oh, no, I can't see all my photos again!  OK, bit of (probably not very successful?) guesswork.  I think the photo above shows the left hand bib up close.  I used that Heat and Bond that I'd bought by accident, that stuff that gums up my needle?  I took a chance and didn't sew the parts on, by all reports, it sticks even after washing and as these are for my lovely Jacob, if the eyes and teeth fall off, I can sew them on again.

Aha, this one I can see.  See how carefully I've balanced those snaps in place?  How much do I hate &*^% snaps!  I couldn't get the damn things to set.  Why, why, why??  I have the correct tool and everything!

Ah, now that appears to be a close up of the one on the left, so the other was a close up of the one on the right!  Oh, and the photo above where I waffled about snaps, I was showing you the back - the last bit of white flannel that I bought ages ago and have no idea where from!

Hmm... what was this photo about?  Oh yes, I put the snap on upside down!  Good thing I've also put the other snap on incorrectly, now I can have matching holes when I tear the damn things out and sew on velcro instead!

I'm thinking of starting a club, anyone want to join the Snaps are the Work of the Devil club?


Anonymous said...

Oh those bibs are CUTE you should definitely sell some!

Also, I must ask, why exactly where you stirring your coffee with a fork?!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Can't say I'm a fan of snaps, either... much prefer velcro. LOVE the bibs, both the monsters and the combination of blues!!!

Sandra :) said...

HAHA those are adorable! I'm not too sure about not stitching down the face bits though - bibs get washed a LOT and I don't know how well Heat and Bond will stand up to multiple washings and dryings. I would save the HNB for decorative things and pick up some Steam a Seam for bibs 'n washable things. Want me to send you some? I'm going to the fabric store today with Miss Nancy :D

JoJo said...

My mom's achilles heal of sewing was zippers. These bibs are adorable! I love those cute faces.

Anonymous said...

Installing snaps are what husbands are for... at least in this house... lol. The bibs look great though and I'm sure Jacob looks adorable in them.

Stacey @ bakercourt said...

Hahahaha, I just caught myself laughing out loud at your blog post! I hate snaps too - I buy the small sew-on ones for "must have snaps" projects, and substitute velcro everywhere else. LOVE your monster bibs! x