Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Wig Jig class

Bonjour!  I am in Tunisia.  I arrived last night and I was so disappointed.   Not one bad thing happened to me.  I know that's supposed to be good, but being the eternal optimist, I was hoping for a whole host of disasters so I could put them into a post for your entertainment.  Unfortunately, not even dinner was funny.  There was the late night disco at the hotel, playing the likes of Agado and Music Man.  Non-UK readers, I'm not sure if you get those references.  Google it.

I took some pictures from the workshop me and my mum went to last Thursday at the Bead Shop Nottingham.   This class was on the wig jig.  I can't see the pictures in this post - I imported them before I came away.  Please let me know if you can or can't see them, it might just be me!  I've been into Photobucket and can't see any photos... hoping it's just me.

Right, so now I get to try to remember what's in the pictures to write about them!  I believe the picture above is of a bracelet.  We used the wigjig and 0.8mm wire to create the 4-leaf clover shape.  This was then just used as an ordinary component.

One of these photos shows the components next to a ruler, they're really quite diddy, but it wasn't that fiddly at all.

I've also taken photos of a pair of earrings with a green bead attached.  This was the first item we made and a variation on the 4 leaf clover.

The other pair of earrings uses a celtic design to create the lovely pattern.  After creating the patterns by wrapping them round pegs on the jig, we had to squeeze them with nylon jawed pliers.  Clearly I'm very heavy handed as I broke more than a few!

I really enjoyed this technique and think there is no end to the possibilities.  Unfortunately, the wig jig itself isn't cheap.  I've put it on my wish list!

Right, I'm going to read some blogs and then try and find some food.  Not sure whether to brave one of the hotel restaurants or not.  I don't like the idea of going out for food alone as this place is absolutely teeming with tourists.  I much prefer it when I have the place to myself in the off-season.  The service is much better then too.  If you think I'm crazy for not being outside, it's been scorching all day and I've been in a hot building, I came back to the hotel and it's decidedly chilly out there!  I was going to go for a swim... don't fancy the idea of going outside in my cossie!


JoJo said...

FYI...the 'recommended on google' thing at the top of your post is cutting off your first paragraph...I can only get as far as the fact that you are in Tunisia as the page is loading then the whole paragraph disappears!

You did a great job w/ the wire & wigjig! Do you have the book 'All Wired Up' by Mark Lareau? I took some classes with him in Tacoma (glass bead and marbles, not wire work).

Celtic Thistle said...

Your photos are all there, just maybe not exactly in the order you think they are :)

Shame the wig jig is expensive it looks like a fun thing to do. I really like the Celtic type earrings!

Anonymous said...

Your jewellery is lovely! I wish I had a bead shop close, and one that runs classes like this. You're giving me another reason to regret moving away from Nottingham. I think i know the shop you mean, but I didn't really know what to do with beads then!

Enjoy Tunisia!

Sandra :) said...

WOW your bracelet and earrings are quite lovely - you can certainly wig your jig with the best of them!

I'm not sure what a cossie is, but I think you should post a photo of you wearing it, LOL!!!

CRAZY DAZY said...

Im sure you will get lots of inspiration for craft projects in Tunisia..hope you dont have to work too hard, ali

Carrie P. said...

really beautiful jewelery.