Sunday, 2 September 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along week 22 - Pleated coin purse

Happy Sunday everyone.  I'm coming in right up to the wire in the Zakka Style Sew Along again today!  But I do have an excuse... I've been on holiday.  I didn't want to post it on my blog as I know that most of you craft bloggers are also moonlighting as burglars ;0).  Seriously though, I didn't want to take the chance of advertising that I was away.

We went to the wonderful Croyde Bay in North Devon.  Up until the ago of about 20, I went every year with my family, it's our special holiday place.  My dad was always eagar to take his grandchildren, and now he has a grandson and two step granddaughters, off we went!  We stayed in a lovely cottage, me, Mr CA, Junior CA, Momma CA, Poppa CA, Bro CA, SIL CA, neice CA and baby Jacob.  We had an amazing time, I'm not going to post photos here as personally I'm not interested in other people's holiday snaps!  If you want to see some of the things we did, we went to The Big Sheep which was hilarious, and also had a day trip to Clovelly which was amazing, but quite painful as I hurt my foot on the cobblestones, it's very steep, and have a massive bruise!

Hopefully my week's absence explains the lack of blog posts, the seashells used in the candle making comp, the lack of equipment for that comp (the parcel turned up 2 days before I left!), the lack of email responses and comments on your blogs.  I'm back now though!

Alright, enough waffling Wendy, on with it. 

Zakka Style Sew Along

If you want to see the other entries for this week's Zakka Along, go here, this week's host is the amazingly talented Joanna at Shape Moth, go and see her purses here.

So, here's my entry.

Hmmm.  Note the wonkiness?  I have no idea how that happened.

This is how it looked before I added the frame.  Not so wonky?  The instructions for this project were OK, though the first bit was confusing.  Making the pleats involved using a template and lining the edges up, it wasn't immediately obvious what the instructions meant and only after I'd folded it wrong twice did I get it.  Publishers?  Diagrams are necessary!

I also didn't struggle with the glue.  There is a little on the frame, but none on the fabric and I think I'll be able to peel the glue off the frame when it's dry.  I followed the instructions in the glue packet, applied it then left it 4 minutes before adding the fabric.  I gave it 10 minutes, picked it up and the purse fell out!  I tried again, applying the glue and pushing the purse right in and it seems to have worked ok.  Apart from the wonkiness of course!

I used some more of the Vintage Summer fabrics I won for this, love those fabrics!  So, will I try this again?  Yes, but probably not the pleated pattern, I'd make my own pattern for the design part of the purse.  I'd also use the sew in frames, but still glue them, as I love the effect on Joanna's purses.

Week 23's project is drying upstairs, so that one won't be last minute!


Celtic Thistle said...

Sounds like you had a real gathering of the clan, bet it was a noisy and fun holiday. Haven't had a go at the Zakka purse, love the fabric you have used!

Melody said...

I love your version - it is very sweet.

Pam said...

Beautiful fabric, Wendy. I've only ever used a sew in frame.. fiddly, but I was happy in the end. I just know I'd get glue everywhere with a glue in.

JoJo said...

Well I think you did a heck of a lot better than I could do.

hafza said...

Love the colour of your fabric...I never try making coin purse using a frame before. Your purse looks cute!

Highland Monkey's said...

I feel your pain when it goes wrong through no fault of your own. But I have to say it is so sweet and I love the fabric is gorgeous.

Sandra :) said...

Sorry about your booboo - welcome home - PML @ moonlighting burglarbloggers! Cute little pouch -- I did try that type of frame and didn't enjoy doing it, but I can admire other peoples' finishes!

Nancy Lee said...

Nice fabric! I only have experience in sewing a frame to a purse. Gluing sounds easier! Our ancestral homeland is in and around North Devon. It looks beautiful. Glad you had some fun, but sorry to hear about the bruise.

Ivory Spring said...

Ooooo - that coin purse is darling. I love the fabrics you used.