Thursday, 29 November 2012

Little felt things

I'm back!  Do you want to hear about the nightmare that was yesterday?  I'd developed an abscess on the gap where I'd had a tooth removed.  Overnight it swelled up rather large and part of it turned black.  It bloody hurt.  I tried to get an emergency appointment at my dentists, and, get this... they don't do emergency appointments.  That's right, you need to schedule your toothache in advance...  I ended up at the emergency dentists at the walk in centre where I waited 2 hours and ended up bawling my eyes out in the corridor when both my cards were rejected.  I'm talking bawling, snot everywhere, uncontrollable sobs. 

I rang my mum to get her card number - no answer, my dad - no answer, my husband - no answer.  Finally my brother picked up and I used his card, rejected.  It must be the machine because there was money in all three accounts I tried, but by this time I was desperate.  To put this into context, this was an NHS dentist.  The work-shy don't pay, but the rest of us do - £17.50.  I was being kept from stopping my agony by £17.50.  Finally they agreed to see me but made me promise to go back in with the money, they were convinced I'd run away!

The dentist lanced the abscess and gave me anti-biotics, the relief!  I had to go into work after, I don't think I was the most productive member of staff yesterday!

I have today and tomorrow off work as a final push towards the craft fair.  I have been making progress.

This little matroyshka dolly (sorry, can't find the pattern anywhere) started life as a Christmas tree ornament.  I felt she was too big though so she became a lavendar sachet.

While I had the felt out I whipped up this little fella from a free pattern at BHG.There are tons of free patterns on that website... wonder if the Matroyshka came from there too.

These little puddings were inspired by about 2,000,000 pins on Pinterest, but I just winged it as they were so simple to make.  I ran out of brown and white felt though!

I also winged this little robin... spot the problem with him?  Poor fella.


Karen@colourinasimplelife said...

Poor robin... I think it must be psychological and you just don't want him to go anywhere! I sympathise re. the abcess - been there. Worst pain I've ever experienced. Hope you feel better soon.
Best wishes
Karen xx

Rhona said...

Hope you're feeling better and that there's no more problems...I hate dentists!
Love all your makes, they are so cute.

Sandra :) said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through such crap - I hope you feel better soon! Good luck with the craft fair - I hope you're going to post pictures of your goodies and display!

Stitched Together said...

It's disgusting that you can't get seen without cash up front when you are clearly in pain. If the problem had been in your hand then you would have been seen free of charge. It makes me crazy how the dental service in this country has fallen apart since I was a kid (dear god I feel old now!). I hope the antibiotics have kicked in now and the pain starts to disappear soon.

Maria said...

You poor thing. Sounds like you were in agony. Glad you finally got it sorted. Great minds think alike. I made a matroyshka doll exactly like yours last year just different colours and also finished making three christmas puddings like yours also found on pinterest but I added holly instead of a ribbon. You'll be able to see them on my blog today or tomorrow.

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh that sounds dreadful! Hope you are better.

JoJo said...

Poor li'l Robin's got no wings! Those are seriously adorable little ornaments!! So cute! Sorry about your tooth abscess though. It makes me sooooo mad when all the medical community cares about is the money. You could be bleeding to death and they wanna know how they'll be paid.

Kerryp77 said...

Hope the antibiotics are kicking in for you now and you're feeling better. Gorgeous felties!

Katherine said...

Awww... that's awful. Hope the meds have made up for the awfulness of the whole experience.

Love those ornaments! So cute.

Samantha said...

I'm glad JoJo said what the problem was with the Robin, I had no idea lol!!

Hope your toothie pegs are feeling a bit better now, I still don't get why we have to pay for the dentist but not the doctor...