Saturday, 1 December 2012

Craft -fair eve

Argggghhhhh it's tomorrow!! I'm absolutely cacking myself.  Why oh why did I sign up for this?  I'm not going to sell anything, I know I'm not, I had a dream about it last night.

I had Thursday and Friday off work to sew, sew, sew for the fair and sew, sew, sew I did.  I realise there are things in the following photos you haven't seen before, I'll be showing you them over the next few weeks because I don't think I'm going to be very productive for the next month, I feel like kicking back and doing some slow embroidery or something!

Anyway, I've been worried we didn't have enough stock.  The table is 6 feet long by 70cm wide.  I don't know why I have one measurement in imperial and the other in metric!  I went to my mum's today to set up the stall and see how we'd display everything. 

The answer?  With great difficulty.  We have enough stock for about 4 stalls.  I've taken some pictures to show you our proposed layout, be warned, the photos are crap, I just pointed and clicked without thinking of blogging, but as a reference for tomorrow morning when we set up.

This is a side view of the table, and a picture of Mr CA's arm.  Isn't he lush?  We also have about 20 handknitted and crocheted scarves, 4 advent calendars and a load of Santa sacks.  We're hoping to rig something up at the front.  How crowded is that table??

That cake stand will have cupcake candles on it.  The board is a picture frame with velvet inside and is full of brooches.  There is a wooden christmas tree behind it (made by Mr CA who surprised me last weekend with a load of display items!) with tons of Christmas tree decorations on it.  Both me and mum made decorations, jewellery and brooches so we're well stocked there.  You can see one of mum's knitted bear hats to the left.  She wanted to put it on sale for £3!!  I said no way and we agreed on £7.

See how terrible the photos are?  They are supposed to be more of a reference...  Here we have jewellery board, another frame with velvet inside made by my lovely mum, and the necklace hanger was made by Mr CA.  I called him in a panic to come over and help as I just couldn't get the layout right and my lovely mum was coughing her guts up in the background, she has a terrible chest infection.

Cards in paper-covered washing tablet boxes, snowflakes and hearts hanging on another jewellery holder... must change the front card on one of those boxes, there's actually a real variety in there but it doesn't look like it! 

Purses and bags and flowers and a little panda...

I'll drop in again after the fair to show you, hopefully, better photos and tell you if I managed to sell anything at all.

Another key item was money aprons.  I took a break from making stock to make a half-apron for us each.  I didn't use a pattern, I just winged it.

I pulled some fabric out of my stash and made them same but different.  I sewed the pocket on the green one below upside down!  Instead of unpicking the whole thing, I just unpicked the bottom and sewed the other end!  The ties were strips of fabric from the scrap bags I picked up at the Knitting and Stitching show and don't match.

The green spotty one is lined with the brown floral and vice versa, the same for the pockets.

So, even if it's a disaster, I'll look the part!  If you're in the area, it's at the Riverbank on Trent Bridge, Nottingham from 11am to 5pm tomorrow, loads of stalls, food and a Santa's grotto.  Send me good vibes people!


Stitched Together said...

I hope it goes really well. I read recently that with a craft stall you shouldn't display everything at once. If it's all crammed on no one can really focus on one thing. Space it out and as stuff sells replace it with something else. If people like example A of a hat you can always say, I have it in colours B and C too if you are interested. But if all the stock is out at once nothing will really stand out.

I just thought I'd pass that on. I don't know if it's true because I've never done a stall, but it seemed like good advice, so I thought I'd tell you!

Have lots of fun and I hope you meet lots of interesting people! Nottingham is fun so I'm sure you will.

JoJo said...

Good luck w/ your fair! Mine was a complete and utter bust. No one showed up. I didn't even make back my $20 table fee.

I left you an award on my bloggie!

Cameron said...

I remember how nerve wracking shows can be! It looks like you have something there for everyone....and at the very least, you get to spend time with your Mum :)

Those aprons are perfect, too!

Best wishes and good luck!

Fiona said...

all the best... looks like some lovely goodies on your table..

Melody said...

Lots of lovely things on your table. Hope you have a fabulous and profitable day.

Contented Caroline said...

Think positively - dreams are only a reflection of what's in our subconscious mind - they aren't predictions of 'what might happen'. Sending positive vibes your way - you're going to do well x

Nicky said...

You have a wonderful selection of goodies there. Good luck for a fantastic day, I hope you and your Mum sell lots and make your fortunes!

Sandra :) said...

Everything looks great - I hope you sell out! One thing I might suggest is that you make sure everything is clearly priced - I hate having to ask the price on things - especially when I'm interested in several items! Mr. CA looks very HANDY (or army? LOLOL!) :D

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Love all the wooden displays to hang jewellry. You have so many great things to sell. Good luck with it all!!!

Jacquie said...

Oh I wish I had read this yesterday Wendy....would have popped along to say hello.
Your table looks fab , hope it went well .
Jacquie x

Anna said...

It will be a success !