Tuesday, 13 November 2012

november 13th

Hello ladies.  It might be a bit of a barren blog this week.  I went away for the weekend to celebrate both my mum's and my birthdays and so didn't get much achieved this weekend.  I do have something I made a couple of weekends ago to show you, so hold onto your hats and prepare for an upcoming THRILLING post. 

OK, so I can't guarantee it will be thrilling.  In fact I can tell you right now it won't be... I'm off to find chocolate.  A woman of my age needs chocolate at 10am.

It's the final day of the UR Priceless blog hop, hosted by the lovely Katherine. Go and visit the participants, there's a chance to win a price with each comment you leave! Click the button above to see the prizes and the full line up.

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Katherine said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Wendy! Wishing you a fantastic year ahead. :o)

JoJo said...

I've been on a chocolate bender myself lately. I better go check the calendar....lol

Samantha said...

Some of us include chocolate in our breakfast...:)

Sandra :) said...

Into everybody's life a little chocolate should fall --- otherwise - why bother? ;)

Melody said...

Any time is chocolate time in my life.

Nancy Lee said...

Women of all ages need chocolate. I used to pack emergency chocolate into my daughter's camp bags when she was just 11 or 12. Happy Birthday (belated wishes) dear Wendy!

Allie said...

*snort* I had m&m's for breakfast this morning....