Wednesday, 12 December 2012

snowflake beading

Good morning ladies!  Did you know, it's nearly Christmas?  I've only just found out, can't believe no-one told me.  I haven't finished making my christmas cards, let alone sending them, in the couple of days since I found out, I have manage to do half my shopping online so the going is good!

You would have thought I'd have been alerted to the upcoming festivities when I went to a snowflake beading class at The Bead Shop Nottingham, but apparently not.

Me and my wonderful mum were the only attendees, and we soon learnt how to whip up these little babies.   The one in the photo above is made from Szwarovski zillions so it reflects the light beautifully, something my amateuristic photography completely failed to capture.  Imagination is key here ladies!

When I got home, I whipped up a couple more.  Now, I was going to buy the zillions, but at 10p each and with each snowflake needing 36, that would have been pretty expensive, although beautiful.  I compromised and bought some Czech firepolished glass faceted beads, also very pretty though not quite Szwarovski league!

The next day I had an order on Folksy (bearing in mind I get about 4 a year), so I put one of these snowflakes in the parcel as a little free gift.

The next day I had another order, so I added a snowflake to that parcel too.  2 were claimed by my mother in law which left me with just the original one left.  I want to add them to Christmas parcels so last night I sat down and started making a third.  Guess what?  This morning I had another order!  (I'd also like to point out that 2 days ago I had ANOTHER order, but from the same lovely lady who'd ordered the baby hat, she was so pleased with it!).

So that's 4 Folksy orders, on top of 1 from a friend, 1 from the father-in-law and 2 from the wonderful mum in just a few days...  I think it's down to the snowflakes.

The only problem is, now I know, it won't work. 

p.s. it did work... just had another order!


JoJo said...

Those are so pretty!! I should try it with my own Czech crystal beads. I was crafting so much that I have kind of 'punched myself out' and am floundering for something to do.

SuperMomNoCape said...

The little snowflakes are so pretty! Congratulations on the orders... keep making those snowflakes. :o)

CeLynn said...

I love snowflakes,and yours are simply beautiful,Szwarovski Zillions,or not!
Congratulations on your sudden increase in sales :)

Allie said...

Those are SO pretty - better whip up more, looks like they're a good luck charm as well, lol!

Celtic Thistle said...

Sounds like you are building an empire! Think you had better get on with more snowflakes before you are snowed under with orders :)