Friday, 1 February 2013

Doing kid's crafts

No, you haven't missed something.  I don't suddenly have kids, apart from my step-daughter of course but she'd rather play around on the internet and go shopping that make stuff.  This was a kid's craft I indulged in for myself.
One day in Hobbycraft, I came across this little kit on sale.

It was only a couple of quid, it was a rabbit and it was a "new" craft, so I had to try it.  By new craft I don't mean new, I remember these from when I was young(er), but I do mean they are something I haven't tried.  Oh dear, I'm not very eloquent today, am I? 

Anyway, on with the story.  I got this out when I was ill last week.  I thought it was something I could do whilst reclining on the sofa watching Hoarders and Flog It! (Don't judge, you have to watch the likes of Homes Under the Hammer and Dickinson's Real Deal when you're off sick, it's the law.  And Hoarders is pure entertainment anyway).

I know this is billed as a kid's craft, but it's actually pretty tricky handling the scraper tool.  Oh, by the way, this is called scrapper foil.  It's a piece of black.... stuff that you scrape with a metal tool, this peels back the black surface to reveal silver underneath.  I don't know if it was because the tool is so cheap or because I'm just crap with the whole hand-eye coordination thing, but I did struggle to stay on the lines and get the right line thickness at times.

I started off and thought I'd just do a little bit each day.  I couldn't stop!  I kept putting it down to take a break, then picking it up again a few minutes later.  By the time Mr CA got home and A Place in the Sun was over, it was finished.

You know what?  It's not exactly the most creative or artistic craft out there, but I enjoyed it!  If the range of pictures wasn't so... animal based, I might take part in this more often!

As it is, this is WIP #34 done.

edited to add: I thought I had cholera last night, but I don't, so you can stop worrying about me, if you were.  Mr CA came home and declared that the water no longer smelt of poo so we'd probably be alright.


Samantha said...

My niece got one of these for Christmas and her step-dad 'had a go' and about half hour later realised he was still doing it and put it down again lol!

I wish I could get hoarders, it's always on Bio and we don't get that channel. I can see it on the menu, but no watcho! Sad times :(

I'm ill on the sofa today watching Dog the Bounty Hunter :)

Kerryp77 said...

They are really tricky to do, it's definately the tool!! Good job done.

Jane Galley said...

I love these. You used to be able to get "adult" ones to do, I remember my uncle doing them in the '70's

Anonymous said...

I think I may have done one of these as a kid- it's a similar premise to scratchcards, must be why they are so addictive ;)

Rhona said...

I remember trying this when my kids were younger...definitely not as easy as you would think!

Shirley said...

The only thing that matters is that enjoying doing it, I can't paint for toffee,but I remember doing paint by numbers and really enjoying them.

Anita said...'re doing a great job with the rabbit. Sounds like you enjoyed doing it if you had to keep going back for more!!! Sounds like you could get hooked? lol.
Cheers, Anita.

JoJo said...

This was one of my fave crafts in elementary school art class. Sadly I cannot draw to save my life so I just scraped to reveal the pretty paper. Did you draw that rabbit with the scraper?? Well done!

Brightside said...

A scratchboard! I remember these! I know I did one of a cat in high school and it won in some art competitions. Yours looks great!

meckimadeit. said...

Must confess, I also thought of scratchcards first. Mind you, they are invariably frustrating, did anybody ever win anything decent? Your bunny looks gorgeous. Wonder whether it makes you feel like being ill more often ;)) ?
If you are, I recommend Bargain Hunt, absolutely chronic but strangely amusing.
Think I should get out more

Hanni said...

I remember this craft, I really enjoyed it when I was a kid! It made me feel that I created something nice, I was so proud :)

Truly Myrtle said...

Santa bought my son one of these for Christmas. No wonder he hasn't finished it yet - it looks tricky! His is a cat beast - or maybe a lion? Santa's memory is a bit short ;)