Sunday, 10 March 2013

tentative van flower functional

Like the title?  You can thank Gedeo.  It's a bit more interesting that the working title this post had which was "cowl".  Descriptive, yes, boring, yes.

On with the cowl!  I had pinned this free pattern from Annaboo's House ages ago.  I bought the yarn.  I'm afraid I've since lost the label as it was one of those that ripped and fell off as soon as I put it in my crochet basket, but it's a super chunky.  Or mega chunky.  Something like that!

The cowl is crocheted with a huge 10mm hook and uses a single 100gram ball of yarn.  I started this in the car going down to visit my nephew last weekend.
I finished it about 40 minutes later!  This is a REALLY quick make. 

It looks like a giant headband here!  It's for me, it's about time I made something for myself and is still much needed.  Even though it's March we had some snow this morning.  Not the proper kind of snow they get in Canada or Poland, just some flakes, but it's bloody freezing. 

Today is Mother's Day in the UK.  I don't generally take mum out on Mother's Day as you end up in a crowded restaurant where the menu is twice as expensive as usual and invariably a set menu with little choice.  I take her out another day instead.  We were supposed to have a day out yesterday but we both caught this cold from Jacob so I went round for about an hour before I collapsed on her table and had to go home to bed!  I have now developed a barking cough which my colleagues are going to love tomorrow. 

Oh, and I got new slippers.


Anna said...

Love the cowl and the slippers !
Have a nice week !

Suztats said...

Happy Mothers' Day!

Chrissie said...

Like your cowl so quick to make! and your slippers, also loved your soft book too, obviously a great hit with Jacob too

Alison said...

Your cowl looks fab and I love your slippers!!


Samantha said...

Some bunny got new slippers! Now hop along to beddy byes and get better soon x

Carrie P. said...

now that is a quick pattern and cute cowl. your slippers are adorable.

JoJo said...

Cute bunny slippers and love the cowl. My nose gets so cold sometimes and it's very uncomfortable. My bff is gonna make me one with rainbow coloured yarn!

Sandra :) said...

Gedeo signing in from Walterboro, SC (and it's pitch dark so I can't even tell if it's a lovely town or not!) - love your post title ... ROTFLMAO!!! Nice cowl (looks like a headband!), and those bunny slippers are ADORABLE! Sorry you caught a cold from J --- it's so generous of you to share it with your co-workers, LOL!

Jane Galley said...

Hope you feel better soon, No 1 son has got it again, and it's bitterly cold here this morning. That cowl will be perfect

Shirley said...

Isn't super/mega chunky wool great the way it just wips up real quick, love the cowl and those slippers are just too cute :)

Kerryp77 said...

cute slippers and the cowl looks lovely and warm, 40 mins wow!