Tuesday, 2 April 2013

procastinate no more

I like lists.   I have a book full of lists.  To-do lists, to buy lists, craft lists, you name it, I've got a list for it.  I love to cross things off my lists.  What I don't like is when I've crossed something off my list and then I need to go back to it.  These things tend to sit unmended/unaltered for a very long time.  This Easter weekend I decided to put a stop to it!

A fairly recent addition to the "things that need mending or finishing" list is the beaded scarf I made back in March.  Day 1 of wearing it saw a line of beads falling out.  It sat on the table for a while until I decided enough was enough.  I fixed the broken line and put blobs of invisible jewellery glue on each and every intersection.  It took me about 30 minutes in total.  Done!

Number 2 wasn't something I'd made, but it did need sewing.  It was a skirt where the hem had come down.  I think it happened about this time last year.

It was occupying its own little space on my sewing room sofa, so I tackled it.  I didn't even need to sew the whole hem, I tacked the inside hems to each other with a few little hand stitches.  Took me all of about 3 minutes, and most of that was me trying to thread the needle.  Done!

The next item on the list is also the one that's been sitting on the arm of my sewing room sofa (you're right if you're getting the impression there's nowhere to actually sit on this sofa!) for the longest.  This framed cross stitch was finished in August 2010.  It was a kit by Heritage Crafts of a couple dancing the Tango, originally painted by John Clayton.  I'm currently working on the second one I have and there is a third waiting in the wings.  It just needed framing.  I bought the frames about a year ago.

Using double thread I laced the bag to keep it taught.  I then couldn't get it in the frame as it was too thick.  Luckily Mr CA is quite good at things like that.  It's now hanging in the hall.  That was a 20 minute job.  Done!

Then there was the hat, this hasn't actually been on the list for long.  I thought it was two short and needed a few extra rows.  In the end 1 was enough though I couldn't help myself and added a flower!  The extra row took 10 minutes.  Done!

Finally, the house number mosaic just needed a coat of varnish so it can be hung outside.  Technically this still isn't finished as it hasn't been hung.  That might take a while as I need Mr CA to do it and he's a bigger procrastinator than me!  I didn't take a picture of this as it's just a piece of wood with varnish on it!


Chrissie said...

Doesn't it feel good to tackle all those little jobs and have the satisfaction of saying done.Perhaps there is some space to sit on your sofa now?!

heart of charnwood said...

Well done, i hate finishing those jobs and they really do seem to spend forever waiting to be done!

JoJo said...

Sometimes I don't finish a craft for awhile because I don't want it to be done!

Sandra :) said...

I'm with you on the To Do lists - I love 'em, and they really do help keep me focused ... at least - more than I would be if I didn't have them, lol. It's funny how we let those little fix-it (or finish-it) jobs pile up, but we do! You did great getting all those little jobs finished up --- since job #5 is done from YOUR end, technically it counts as a completion, so you can cross FIVE THINGS off your list!

Just-Do said...

Busy as usual! Great job to finish all these. I know exactly how this works; I have too a large pile of items which need a little work done. You telling how little time this actually takes, just might help me to get these finally done. Thank you

Celtic Thistle said...

Is this a whole new you? Or just a new list?

Fiona said...

Great projects.. and to have them finally finished... gotta feel good about that!!

Jane Galley said...

oh, these little jobs always seem to accumulate. Like mending the boys trousers, sewing buttons back on etc. It feels good when it's done though.