Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wipocalypse April

WIPocalypse check in time again!  First up, a recap of what I achieved January - March:

2. giant granny square blanket
10. Small vintage embroidery
11. Necklace kit from Spellbound
12. Necklace kit mum bought me
13. Tea wallets
15. Bathroom curtain
16. Picnic napkins
17. Wiggly bags 
24. punch needle
26. mosaic house number kit 
34. Scraperboard rabbit
48. Lavender sachets from hankies
53. Red scarf with beaded fringe
57. Mega chunky cowl
59. Decopatch
61. Crochet hat for me in Hug
63. Hat for Samantha

So what have I finished this month?

My Wips
1. The Mackintoshesque window

crafts I have kits for
33. Silhouttes cross stitch

crafts /projects I have supplies for
37. Clay + Pebeo paint

42. Extruding clay

46. Friendly plastic

49. Lunch bag

62. UTEE

So that's 7 WIPs from a total of 51 (projects left) done -  14%. And 7 out of the total of 67 is 10%.  Overall I've done 23 from a total of 67 - 34%.  I seem to be on target. 

So which projects have I made progress on but not finished?

4. crochet rug

32. Lynette Anderson needle case

50. Mum's chair covers

Which leaves me with:
3. Cotton granny squares - originally intended to be a blanket, now a footstool cover
5. crochet Yoda
6. crewel Jacobean pattern
7. Crewel fire guard
8. Beaded embroidery dress
9. Dancers cross stitch
14. Alphabet chart
18. Chair covers
19. Sewing machine mat with thread catcher
20. Ungar #2
21. Fleece baby hat
22. Applique tea cups

crafts I have kits for
23. Enamelling
25. Lace making
27. Mosaic tray kit
28. Beaded santa ornament
29. Silk painting
30. Origami

31. Hessian reindeer
35. Latch hook kit
36. Beaded lillies

crafts /projectsI have supplies for
38. Cathedral Windows
39. Tatting Course
40. Beaded Boxes
41. Sharp crochet hook
43. Hammering wire
44. Bead loom
45. Lino cutting
47. French knitting
51. Jacob's quilt
52. Beaded bird panel
54. Crochet cardi
55. Crochet bag
56. Wedding memories box
58. Crochet fat friends (the other 7)
60. Lucet
64. Embroidered tablecloth
65. Kitchen curtains
66. Bunny jewellery - charm and ceramic beads
67. Paper beads

29th December 2012 = 67 projects.
26th January 2013 = 6 completed. 6 projects total. 61 to go
26th February 2013 = 5 completed, 11 completed total, 56 to go
27th March 2013 = 5 completed, 16 completed total, 51 to go
25th April 2013 = 7 completed, 23 completed total, 44 to go

And the projects added since Christmas?

a1 - Skill Builder sampler BOM
a2 - And Sew On... BOM
a3 - Daisy crewel alphabet sampler
a4 - Kumihimo braiding
a5 - Soft book animals

a6 - Hardanger SAL
a7 - CK Button kit (Christmas present from Mr CA)
a8 - fabric medium

a9 - Weekender bag

Next check in May 24

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Samantha said...

WOW, you're putting me to shame, you're doing great! Well done lovely, you're fabulous! xx

moira said...

I love your stained glass panel. It's just beautiful

Oops-Lah said...

Wow, impressive. You really are a lady with many talents. Well done!

Celtic Thistle said...

Congrats on the progress. You have a really daunting list there still!

The crochet Yoda sounds interesting :)

JoJo said...

Your window came out soooooo great! Keep on with the WIPs! You are kicking butt!

pennydog said...

Oooh do enamelling next!

Shirley Cryan said...

Oh my you are doing brilliant, I get tired just looking at you list lol

SuperMomNoCape said...

You have done so well so far this year... you are making great progress on your list. Just reading through it has me thinking I'd be overwhelmed, so I'll bet it feels great to have all those other ones checked off.

And that stained glass window is so pretty.

Sandra :) said...

If you can keep up the pace and finish 5 or 6 projects a month you'll be done your original WIPS by the end of the year. If you also completed one of your "added" projects, you'd be done those as well. So far you've been staying on track quite well, so keep it up and you'll be celebrating come December, lol!

heart of charnwood said...

Bloody Hell, you outed yourself big time with that list of shame, i'm not admitting to anywhere near that amount! Good Luck, you'll have to stop sleeping and working to get through those, and eating may have to take a back seat! ;O)

Jane Galley said...

I so love looking at your list and seeing the progress every month. Always makes me feel as if I'm in good company, lol. Have a happy crafting month, and I look forward to the next update

Anonymous said...

Wow you've achieved lots so far this year - well done.

Carrie P. said...

busy, busy!
I went to the link for you granny square blanket. Pretty cool! I want to do a crochet rug too.