Tuesday, 16 April 2013

working on it

Morning ladies.  I've been a bit rubbish at doing progress posts, so I'm sneaking one in now!  This is where I was at with various projects as of Sunday lunchtime.

#4 on the giganormous list crochet rug.  I think I started this back in June last year, you can see the post here.  I started using a doily pattern.  I put it down, picked it up a few months later and had no idea where I'd got to, so started again.  I put it down once more and picked it up last week and didn't like the pattern!  I'd found another pattern, so I started again, for the third time.  Even Mr CA noticed and said "are you just going to keep starting that and then undoing it?"  Well yes, Mr CA, I might just do that!

#32 on the massuge list Lynette Anderson needle case.  This is a new start.  I bought the pattern ages ago and finally found time to get started.  Out came a piece of linen and my choice of threads.  To be honest, I'm not sure why I bought the pattern as it's not really my style, particularly in browns as the picture on the cover shows.  The pattern was also a rip off.  £6, for a small photo of the front and inside, (but not inside the flaps, that I'm going to have to guess), the stitchery patterns and some pretty shoddy assembly instructions with very few diagrams.  They then expect you to buy 2 very pricey buttons to put on it!  Forget that!.

The East Midland's Quilt Guild is having their next meeting next weekend, well, the EMQG and me, and we're making Amy Butler's Weekender bag.  As I have to leave half way through the meeting, I thought I'd better get a move on!  I cut out the outer pieces and ordered the lining fabric, miles of interfacing and other notions needed.  So still not much further on!

I'm actually looking forward to making this bag.  I've made plenty in my time so I'm not scared.  That's probably a bad thing and I shouldn't have typed that.  It's all going to go wrong now...!  I hope the interfacing turns up soon so I can get it all fused up ready for the sewing session.


Shirley said...

Keep the crochet close to you so you can pick it up regular.

I have one of Lynette's books and I will be starting something next month in fact I have big plans with a blogging lady I've met Val.

I'm sure the bag wont go wrong, the fabric is lovely x

Samantha said...

Good work getting ready for the weekender bag! I've heard it's a pain to sew but I've never sewed one so you can tell us the truth of it. Maybe you'll whizz through it with your superhuman strength of sewing :D

Sandra :) said...

Get that rug done - that's one I want to see finished!!

AB's Weekender Bag is the holy grail of DIY projects- I can't wait to start seeing progress photos!

ukcitycrafter said...

Love the fabric you've chosen for the bag, I'm looking forward to seeing it all done.

Alison said...

Love the bag fabric, can't wait to see it as a bag!


JoJo said...

How big will the crochet rug be?

Celtic Thistle said...

Good luck with the AB bag. I have made some of her bags from her book and the instructions were terrible! Will be interested to hear how you all get on with this pattern.

SuperMomNoCape said...

The Weekender bag is on my to-do someday list. Looking forward to see yours.

Carrie P. said...

so many different crafts. keeps it exciting. Love the jewelry in the previous post. And you crochet too!