Friday, 28 June 2013

Skill Builder Bom - Hex n Chev and Geo Swirl

It's over!  I've finally finished sewing those damn hexies. You know what?  NEVER AGAIN!

I didn't think to press the block before taking this picture, but it looked a bit of a mess afterwards.  I clearly didn't sew them together closely enough as they're a big bagged.  I didn't use the usual slip stitch method, I tried it, holding the two hexies right sides together, but you could see the stitches, so I held them on my knee, right sides down, butted up, and ladder stitched.

I added a couple of borders and you know what?  I love this block! Did I really say that?  Someone shoot me in case I'm tempted to do it again...

Oh, haven't told you what this is about, in case you're not paying attention and making notes on every post I write (remember, there will be a test!).  This post is part of the Skill builder BOM, hosted by Pile O Fabric.  

Thought you might like to see the back:

No?  Oh, OK, well I'll show you Geo Swirl instead.  This is one of the blocks for May.  I know, I know, there are two English paper pieced blocks for April and I've only done one, but I can't face another yet!  And anyway, one of you might shoot me.

As I'm not new to paper piecing/foundation piecing, call it what you will, this was easy.  Only one problem where the fabric wasn't big enough to fit the shape, but that was easily dealt with.  The pattern was over several pages and the instructions said I had to watch the video to see how to put them together.  One problem, I can't watch videos.  My PC doesn't have sound and my lap top is ancient and far too slow to stream, I'd need my work lap top for that and I hadn't brought it home.  It was OK though, I figured it out.

I like the block, but don't like the appliqued circles.  Wonder if it's my colour choices?  I might end up unpicking them and putting something else in their place.  Not sure what though...  suggestions on a post card please.  (Or you could just leave a comment, that would save on postage).


Anna said...

Both patchworks are beautiful ! A lot of work but I hope, a lot of satisfaction !
Have a nice day and weekend !

Anita said...

Hi Wendy,
When is the next hexie project?...ooppps!!The border set the hexie's off, they look good. I like the geo block too.
Cheers, Anita.

JoJo said...

They came out great!

Alison said...

They are lovely, the fabrics look brilliant together.

You must have the patience of a saint to do those hex's...!


Samantha said...

Remember when Blue Peter used to do competitions with answer on a postcard? I used to always send one in and NEVER won. Cheats.

SuperMomNoCape said...

This quilt is going to be so bright and pretty once all the blocks are finished and together.

Regarding the circles in the middle of your paper foundation pieced block... from what I can tell, it's done with raw edge applique?? Perhaps that might be what is bothering you about the way it looks. The rest of the block is so precisely pieced that those middle two circles just don't "jive" with the rest of the block. You could try redoing the circles by needle turning them or try using one of these tutorials:

And then there's this method:

I know it says video and you can't watch videos on your home computers, but below the video are step-by-step written instructions.

Hope this was of some help!

Celtic Thistle said...

Don't do anything with those circles yet, they may just look perfect when you have all the blocks together.

Carrie P. said...

well I think you passed both of the skill tests. well done.
I do like the circles too. I think when you put all the blocks together you will like it too.

thingsforboys said...

Love the hexies! I know i'll never have the patience to do them.

Jane Galley said...

The hexies work really well in that block, so glad you persevered, and I like the geo block too.

Anonymous said...

I think they both look great, and I agree with Celtic Thistle - wait until the blocks are altogether before unpicking the circles.

pennydog said...

Very neat! Hexies aren't fun unless you're looking for something a bit more.... leisurely

made by ChrissieD said...

Well your baggy hexies all came good in the end - the block looks smashing. I felt the same about the appliqued circles on the other block, they weren't perfectly round and looked amateurish, I thought they really spoiled it and wished I hadn't added them. After quilting the block they didn't look quite so bad though! :)