Tuesday, 10 September 2013

And Sew On - rotary cutter

It's now September and I've just finished July's block for the And Sew On BOM, hosted by Kristy at Quiet Play.  I actually made this block in August and intended to make August's block but had forgotten to print it out and my printer, along with my computer, is currently residing under half a ton of brick dust (oh! the building work is finished!  I must remember to post some photos... still got the kitchen to install though so I'm still living like a student and the house is still a mess).  So I made July's block first.

Ta dah!

No failures.  I'm sorry, I know that makes me a very boring blogger.  Like Kristy, I intend to do all the hand sewing at the end, embroidering details like the lines on the cutting mat (the green square above).

This involved a lot of tiny pieces, but that's fine, I quite like that.  It's big angles I can't do!  I found this block easier than the first block.

Oh yes, one slight oops with a seam allowance.  I just added an extra bit in.  It will mostly disappear in the seam allowance of the finished hanging anyway and if anyone does notice and point it out I'll just call them a loser and bury them in brick dust.

I'm halfway through August's block, just got to get some time to sew, then Septembers incredibly complex block and then the finished "thing"!  Don't get too excited ladies, you know what I'm like at finishing stuff... it'll be on next years WIP list!

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pennydog said...

I add those extra seam allowance bits all the time, some of them (read: all of the Forest QAL blocks) have huge extra pieces added, but I really don't think it matters when you look at the final picture.

Sandra :) said...

Well - you've got paper-piecing down pat now - your rotary cutter is perfect! I have to add smidges sometimes too (when I've come up short) - I believe you're allowed 1 smidge per small block, and 3 per large block! ;)

JoJo said...

You do such a good job with pieces and getting them to fit!

Fiona said...

you are a braver woman than me.. those pieces are little and fiddly... great finish though...

Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

Oh how cute! I am impressed with your piecing and your fabric choice just makes the whole thing perfect. And I am terrible about keeping my paper pieced things without extra pieces (sometimes I even forget to trim...oops!).

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Woohoo! Your block looks fabulous!

Jane Galley said...

What a great block, and how exciting to have the building work finished. You're one step closer to regaining your home

Joy McD said...

The rotary cutter is very cute, and now mistakes? Well done!! xxx