Wednesday, 25 September 2013

And Sew On - Sewing Sanctuary

Today I have the very last of my And Sew On blocks designed and offered for free by Kristy at Quiet Play.

I can't quite believe I've finished it and within the month too.  

I took these photos whilst I was sewing the sections, before I'd trimmed them and I always look at them at this stage and can't imagine how they'll turn into the finished block.  I'm always convinced I've chosen the wrong fabrics and the completed block will look like nothing.

Then I trim them, and lay them out, and they start to look like what they're supposed to be.  It's like magic.

That is unmistakably a chair in front of a desk with a basket below.

There were a lot of tiny pieces, but I didn't have any trouble.  I think after this, I'm going to upgrade myself from a beginner- to an intermediate-paper piecer.

I kept all my trimmings and off-cuts in a big pile.  Look how many there are!  I may have just crowned myself an intermediate-paper piecer, but I've still got a long way to go in terms of judging how big the piece of fabric needs to be, especially for angles.

Want to see the finished block - Sewing Sanctuary?

I am SO pleased with it!  The view through the window in no way reflects the real view from my sewing-room window.  I think I've shown you before, it's urban.

The framed pictures just had to be of rabbits of course!

I wish I did have funky wall paper like this in my sewing room!

Of course, I'm sewing with Bliss and Ruby fabrics, though I have to say, I don't much like the piece of patchwork I'm sewing up there!

This little basket was the only part that gave me some grief, I struggled to get the handles on the edge of the basket.

I laid all the blocks out on the floor to see the whole thing.

I already know how I'll finish it - it will be a wall hanging for my sewing room.  The blocks will be trimmed and have a narrow border of white, then scrappy patchwork sashing, using Bliss and Ruby of course as that's the common theme throughout these blocks.  I'll then remove the paper (a joyous job from what I've heard) and add the embroidered details.  I plan on quilting the sashing, but I don't want to quilt the actual blocks as I think it will ruin them.  Thoughts anyone?

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Samantha said...

Of all of them, this one is definitely my favourite, it's beautiful!!

cauchy09 said...

holy moly! that's an amazing block. yay!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Totally moved on from beginner paper piecer! Well done! You've done a fantastic job on your blocks! Don't worry, as you piece more you'll get the hang of angles. Though as for estimating fabric, I still over estimate as I'd rather have too much than be too short!

Can't wait to see how these look together sashed! Shall we have a paper removal party together? hehe!!

Sandra :) said...

I crown you QUEEN of paper piecing - Wendy, you did a magnificent job on that very detailed block - WOW! There's always a lot of waste on blocks with acute angles - you either have waste, or you go insanely stressed trying to accurately use a piece of fabric *just* the right size. I prefer the waste method, personally - less grey hairs :D

JoJo said...

That is just fantastic!!! You did a great job on all of the blocks! LOVING that window!

Joy McD said...

Wow, that looks great!!! Another good one for a standalone wallhanging... hmmm... i think I need to go get these patterns! xxx

moira said...

brilliant job, ms wendy

Fiona said...

Amazing... I think you actually fit into the advanced paper piecing section..... love it....

SuperMomNoCape said...

You are definitely no longer a beginner at foundation paper piecing. Your blocks look great!!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

A paper piecing expert I'd say, Wendy!!! It's going to be an awesome wall hanging for your sewing room.

Jane Galley said...

Oh, wow! You have come such a long way from the start of these blocks, this looks amazing. You'll have a wonderful wall hanging to celebrate your progress at the end

Wendy said...
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ukcitycrafter said...

Love this block :)

Carrie P. said...

I love your view out the window. You picked out such fun fabrics. Well done!