Sunday, 13 October 2013


I might be back...  It still remains to be seen, but I do have something to show you so I'll start there and see how it goes.

I saw some ingenious dishcloths on Apple Blossom Dreams.  I've got a vase of cotton yarn that got a bit dusty during the whole house falling down episode.  What better use for it that something that will be washed often?

The free tutorial is easy and quick and I love the effect from crocheting into the front post only.  I did a row of sc round the edge to neaten it up.

The round hole is supposed to loop over the tap to keep it in easy reach.  It doesn't fit over my tap but they do fit over the tap handle-thing.

As you see, we now have a sink and a tap, but no tiles yet.  We had a bit of an issue with the kitchen fitter so the kitchen is still not done...  we're now on month 6.

Eagle eyed viewers will have noticed the dishcloth in the photo above is not the same one...

That's because I made another 2.  The pattern calls for a picot edge.  I couldn't get it right on the purple one so went for a round of scs.  I had another go on the blue one and whilst I'm not convinced it's a picot edging, it is kind of fancy.

Here they all are laid out on the hob.  Yep, we have a hob.  And an oven.  What we do not have is worksurfaces to prepare food on... you people with a fully-functioning kitchen have no idea how luck you are!


JoJo said...

Hang in there Wendy. Come back when you feel up to it. We'll be here. ((hugs))

Anna said...

Very nice...and always useful !
Have a great week !

heart of charnwood said...

Get you, how posh, you have some fancy dishcloths, with or without a completed kitchen, you're definitely getting there!

Jane Galley said...

These make dishcloths more interesting, they look lovely. I do prefer hand made ones

Anonymous said...

Your dishcloths look really good, I might be tempted to trying to make one too.
Sounds as if the building work is slowly (but surely) progressing. One day it will all seem like a distant memory :)

Celtic Thistle said...

Neat dishcloths, they look very swish hanging on your tap handle. Hope you and your kitchen are in tip top condition soon.

Astri said...

Fantastic Wendy! I love that dusty purple color and your borders are great. Thanks for providing a link to my site.:-)

Continued luck on the kitchen!

InGa said...

Smart idea to make dishcloths of your dusty yarn. They look very nice. ;-)