Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Yep you guessed it, more bunnies

I spent 3 hours looking online for bunny fabric.  Some I purchased, most I just bookmarked as unfortunately I don't have an unlimited budget!  I just have to hope they're not gone next week when I come to buy them!

The first three FQs are called Lucky and I bought them from a Thai seller on Ebay.  Wondering why they fit the bill?

See the bunnies dressed as Matroyshkas?  How adorable is that.  If anyone is collecting fabrics with mice dressed as Russian dolls, give me a shout and I'll send you some scraps!

Ange answered my plea for more bunnies, more bunnies, more, more more!  She told me where I could find some of the difficult to find Posy by Anita Hooey fabrics.  I ordered them in pink and lilac from The Brighton Sewing Centre, my first time as a customer of this shop.  Definitely not the last though.  I ordered on the Thursday, on the Friday I got a refund via Paypal and a note saying they'd run out of lilac bunnies and had sent me a refund and a free FQ.  I must have skimmed it as I didn't notice the bit about the free FQ but, the very next day my order turned up and had a free FQ, what amazing service is that?  I also bought another FQ of Enchanted in green as I noticed I was lacking green, and this Wildwood print. 

Tucked into the bundle were a couple of scraps.  One of them featured this little bunny, bottom right of the photo above!  I wonder if they noticed I was going after bunnies, or it was a coincidence?  It was gratefully received, though I now have to identify and find that fabric in all colour-ways possible!

So this is where I am right now.  20 FQs and one scrap.  A lot of blue.  I definitely need some purple and lilac, more shades of green, more red, orange and pink and some yellow.  Not much then!  I've started a Pinterest board... my bank manager is going to kill me.

I've also been the lucky winner of a few giveaways recently...

First up, I won a giveaway hosted by Vera of Negligent Style.  She sent me this gorgeous 1/2 yard of fabric along with the cute little quilt block card:

I won another giveaway at 1/4 incher, Stephanie sent me a charm pack courtesy of the Fat Quarter Shop, I chose Simply Style:

During the Grow Your Blog blog hop, I won a handmade necklace from Dawn at Sadie Jewelry Design:

And last, but certainly not least, Susan of Canadian Abroad sent me this sweet little gnome pincushion.

Thanks ladies!

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pennydog said...

Wow that's a run of good fortune! Do you need whole FQs? Do you want me to post the bits I have or get them at the next meeting? I should have been more observant at the Fabric Guild sorry- I'm sure at this time of year they have several bunny prints!

Rachel said...

I'm beginning to see that the attraction of patchworking lies in the hunt for fabrics as much as in the making!

JoJo said...

The Matroyshka bunnies are so cute!!!! Also love the necklace you won. What kind of a pendant is that?

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wonderful gifts! And I love the new bunny additions - they're so cute! This is going to be a fantastic quilt :D

Sandra :) said...

Babushbunnies - so cute! All the prints are cute, actually - and I think the collecting of fabrics might even be a bit MORE fun than the sewing - it's certainly easier, lol!

Chrissie said...

I am loving all that bunny fabric! The green one with the pixie and bunny is to die for! And lucky you with all those pretty gifts coming to your door! Chrissie x

Melody said...

Wow, lots of wonderful parcels arriving at your place.

Jane Galley said...

The bunny collection of fabric is getting really interesting, great to come across good customer service too. Enjoy all your wonderful prizes

Celtic Thistle said...

You really are a woman on a mission, aren't you! The Matryoshka bunnies are wonderful. Good luck in your hunt.

margaret said...

you have certainly found some delightful bunny fabrics. I have made a note of the Brighton shop, will check it out as an on line shop is good to have, so few
Hoe I would love to visit some of those enormous ones in USA must be content to just dream about that day!

Jo Ferguson said...

Bunnies and free stuff. It can't get any better than that. Unless of course you have an unlimited budget to add to your stash.....lol.