Thursday, 8 May 2014


Yep, I've been shopping again!  It's all Kerry's fault.  OK well maybe not all her fault as she only sent me links to one lot of fabric.  And OK, I did ask her too... but I can't blame myself!  I followed the link she sent to Hulu where I found these Bunny Hill Jubilee fat quarters and had to buy them in grey and purple.  

See the cute little bunnies?  Whilst I was there, some Kate Spain Daydream metre cuts fell into my basket.  Yes, they fell!

Then the Quilt and Stitch Villagein Uttoxeter happened.  Oh, I could probably blame Kerry for this too as she was with me and did purposely put one of the FQs right into my hands!

There was some non-bunny fabric bought.  At the top are essential blenders, half yard cuts that were too barganious to say no too, and a full metre of the text print from Littlest which I bought at Pin It and Stitch.  The Polka dots were £3 for half a metre, you can't say no to that, and the other FQs were all on sale too.

Unfortunately, most of the bunny fabric wasn't...  The two left hand prints are from Quiltessential, the grey one is a print I believed to only be available in Canada so despatched the ever-helpful Sandra on a mission to find it.  Sandra, I've found it!  I bought an FQ of Wee Wander, even though there's only a small bunny on it, a couple of ric-rac bunnies prints (one of which I discovered I already had) and that cute green one at the front which was scandalously expensive but once I'd seen it, I had to have it!

I also had a little help from my friends!  Kerry dug out the bunny panel at the top and the cute red print of the flying bunnies (OK, they're probably hopping, but they look like they're flying!), and the lovely Ange gave me a full FQ of the one on the left and the scrap of pink with bunnies in buckets.  Thanks ladies!

So here's the full collection so far.  I believe I counted 39 FQs.  I think, think, that means I have enough for a quilt... BUT the rainbow isn't complete so I'll collect a few more, but be more restrained on the colour (yeah right!).  Now, I spotted the bunny on a scooter at the show and wasn't sure if I had it, I looked up my post on my blog and saw I did.  What follows is really for me, so I can check it if I'm out and about, or online shopping and need to know if I already have a print.  Feel free to go and do something less boring instead (Why Don't You reference for the Brits of a certain age).

Blues - plenty of aqua, and pale blue, possibly need more darker blues/teals.

Enough cream and pale yellow, possibly a darker yellow and another hue of orange.

Green - not sure, there's a decent range there, but it doesn't feel complete.

Greys and whites are well covered.

A darker purple is needed, as are red-based purples.

Good on the reds, not bad on the pinks, but need a pale shade and a brighter one.

And these are the scraps I've found/been given.  


Rachel said...

What an orgy of acquisition! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

pennydog said...

I'm having to take responsibility for a lot here ;)

gilly said...

Wow, that's what I call a good shopping haul! :-)

Anna said...

With all those beautiful fabrics, you have work for...a moment ! I wait to see your first one !
Have a great day !

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Some gorgeous fabrics, Wendy. LOVE the Kate Spain!!!

JoJo said...

We have a store here called JoAnn's Fabric & Crafts and I have to consciously avoid the fat quarters. I love fabric but unlike you, I don't sew or quilt. You'd have a field day in that store.

Sandra :) said...

I love your collection of bunny prints - I can't wait to see what you're planning with them :) Isn't it fun to have enablers around? LOL!

Sharon Dawn said...

You will have a busy month!! I love that paper-piecing project, but am still chicken to try ;-) Your projects look wonderful!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Amazing collection of bunny fabrics! This quilt is going to look amazing :D

Joy said...

What an exciting shopping expedition, and what gorgeous finds, well done, and I'll look forward to seeing them all sewn up! Joy x

margaret said...

seems to me your fabric is breeding just like real rabbits. You have some lovely ones here.

Jane Galley said...

Can't wait to see you start this quilt

Jo Ferguson said...

What fun! I always take someone on fabric binges, so I can blame my purchases on them. I've also had fabric fall into my basket without any help from me. It just happens. I love the bunny fabrics you've added to your stash. As for the others.....I love them too.

Little Treasures said...

Gosh! Swooning over your fabric collection!