Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August round up and September goals

A round up and goals all in one.  Mainly because I forgot to post the roundup, but also because not much happened.


The challenge for August was fabric colouring techniques.  I didn't find the time or energy for this.  For September we have autumn.  Hmmm, are bunnies autumnal?

Sew Kitschy paper piecing bom 

I didn't get August's block done and September's is the last one.  It's time to get some done and made into trivets and stuff, we are in desperate need!

Something New for 2014

Last month I tried beadweaving with pellet beads, this month I have several new techniques lined up, so stay tuned.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I finished the bunny that was August's goal, yay me!  For September I'm going to get the Mackintosh wall hanging finished.

Craft Book Sew along

I reviewed Stitched Blooms last month, for September I already have 2 craft book reviews in the works so I'll be able to link up to this, and Craft Buds craft book month (why don't they ask me to participate, I'm craft book queen!)

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Last month was light green, which I'd done with dark green, so I missed that.  This month is orange and I only have about 3 orange scraps so I see me missing this month too.

Smalls SAL

August's small was the Stitched Bloom, September's should be a small cross stitched bunny, but we'll wiat and see.

2014 FAL Q3

See the list here.  I managed 1 in August (2 actually, but I've yet to post about the other so I'm claiming that for September!

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Rachel said...

You've managed to get plenty done, it seems to me!

Kaja said...

Wow, you have a lot on the go, it's really impressive. How do you manage to keep track of it all?

margaret said...

having a list of to do`s is brave. I did make a list of things for the year and checked it the other day, seems a lot have not even been started but have done other things instead never mind rules are made to be broken!

Jane Galley said...

I'd forgotten it was that time. Considering everything, you've done well. Look forward to seeing this months makes

Anonymous said...

I agree you still done quite well and yes aren't bunnies for all year round? :) I think autumnal tones would look lovely.

Samantha said...

I think you'll find that a bunny is for EVERY season, not just for Easter....