Sunday, 21 December 2014

Does this count as vintage blackwork?

I embroidered them a year ago, so surely that counts?  I did the blackwork portion of these sachets/ornaments back in November last year! You can read my posts about them here and here,  For those that don't know, blackwork is an embroidery technique done on even count fabric, such as Aida (as I've done here), or evenweave that you'd use for cross stitch.  It's made up of a series of backstitches which form patterns.  Traditionally it should be double sided.  Mine isn't and is a right mess on the back!

At some point over the past year, I sewed them up on the machine and all that remained to be done was the stuffing and closing the gap.  It took me about an hour to do all 10!  Why do I put these things off?

They are stuffed with lavender and backed in bits of old clothes, though the purple one above is quilting cotton as I couldn't find any old clothes suitable.  As you can see, they're pretty badly sewn up, very strange shapes, so I was obviously in a rush that day!

I hadn't shown you the one above in the original posts.  I finished embroidering it just after I wrote those posts and this picture has been sitting in a draft post ever since!  I did this one for my mum as it is Mackintosh-esque.  You can find the free pattern at Imaginesque

See what a strange shape this one is!  3 rounded corners, one pointy corner!

The Christmas ornaments are stuffed with a bit of fibrefill and shakily sewn up as before.  I'll put some on my tree and see if my mum wants to pretend she likes them so I can give a couple to her!

Backing these ones we have flannel pjs, quilting cotton, old top, old shirt of Mr CA, flannel pjs.  I have so many old clothes to be used up and this is the only thing I've done with them in about 3 years!


Rachel said...

A good bit of upcycling, then!

Melody said...

Don't know if they are vintage but they are certainly cute.

Celtic Thistle said...

I have a couple of blackwork patterns but have never tried them, I really like the Mackintoshesque pattern I might have to go and check it out :)

Jane Galley said...

Clothes can be a great source of pretty fabric. You can take your time to think of the next project :) love the blackwork flower

Janine said...

These are beautiful! I'd say they definitely count :)