Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grow your blog

I took part in Grow your Blog last year and enjoyed meeting so many new bloggers, so when Vicki at 2 Bags Full announced another blog hop for 2015, I signed up straight away.

For those of you who are visiting as part of the blog hop, welcome to my blog!  I will tell you a bit about my blog below.  For regular readers, go over and have a look at the lineup.  There are over 400 different bloggers participating, some are holding giveaways, and you're sure to find something to interest you as there are bloggers writing about all kinds of topics.  I found some great blogs through the party last year.

I think my post last year said it all about me and what this blog is about, so if you feel inclined, hop over and have a look at the post here.

I live with one Mr CA and 4 bunnies.  They are not house bunnies, they hate our laminate floors too much for that, so they live in the garden.

They are Colin and Ellis:


And Harry:

This is probably a good clue to the fact that I like bunnies, though they don't feature on my blog as regularly as they should.  I have been busy making bunnies though.

Most recently I made a beadwork bunny.  I enjoy a bit of beadweaving (usually making jewellery rather than buns) and this was my first attempt at square stitch.

On a crafting holiday last year I made a bunny clock from wood in a scroll saw class.

I've made some silly amigurumi bunnies, silly for the faces that I'm so terrible at embroidering and the weird googly eyes rather than for the patterns I used!

I was very pleased with the plush bunny I sewed, that's little Bertie sitting in the pouch.

I've been cross stitching a set of bunnies, representative of my real life buns, this is the boys.

I was very proud of the copper bunny I formed, hammered and soldered in a jewellery making class.  I wear him a lot.

I like to review craft books, and as part of that I made this (pregnant?) bunny from wire.  One of my quirkier makes!

I quilt as well as sew, and I enjoy paper piecing.  I made this paper pieced rabbit and turned it into a project bag.

I love to embroider and try lots of different kinds of embroidery, this is one of my simpler makes and the only embroidery is the outline of the bunny, but it counts!

My friend Kerry taught me a brilliant form of appliqué, which I used to make this cushion of Colin.  I still have to do something with photos of the other three buns.  Don't want them getting jealous.

Jewellery making in all its forms and disciplines is another love of mine though I've only made two items of bunny jewellery, the second was made from polymer clay.

I love to sew on my machine, though I'm not so patient with hand sewing (except embroidery).  I did handsew this little bunny though.

I hope that this post full of bunnies has given you an insight into the kinds of crafts I like to do, and the fact I love bunnies!  I have to assure you though, bunnies are not the only things that I make, my interests are wide and varied!  

Feel free to have a poke around my blog and see if there is anything that interests you.  If you're part of the hop, I will be along to visit you at some point, though last year it took me 3 weeks to visit everyone.  Oh, if you leave me a comment, I reply by email rather than on my blog, so if you're no reply, I won't be able to respond.

Thanks for stopping by.


Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Hi Wendy. Just saying hello again. I'm taking part this year too and my post will go up in a few hours. Vicki does everyone a great service doesn't she. I'm looking forward to visiting some new blogs over the next few weeks.

Christine said...

That is a lot of bunnies! I really love the copper necklace

Maria said...

You're my first stop of the blog hop party. Love your bunny crafts. I'm so looking forward to looking around all the new blogs.

creations.1 said...

A very 'bunny' world you live in Wendy - and some beautiful handmade items. I have followed you for a while and am also taking part in the GYBP - I am off to check if the link list is up yet to maybe visit a couple of fellow GYBP bloggers!!

Rachel said...

Love your overview of bunny projects - such a variety!

Beth L. said...

What fun to live with your bunnies and have them be the inspiration for so many of your crafty projects.

Clare said...

Hi just stopping by on the blog hop, what a bunnytastic post, loving all you're crafts I recent made my first beaded necklace so thats somethingI'd love to learn more about.
Clare x

Anonymous said...

Hello Wendy, Welcome to the Grow Your blog party:
HeeheeHee.. I love these bunnies too.. aren't they the cutest thing.. Happy "blog-Hopping"
Hope you'll have many new friends and followers this coming week. Huge hugs from Singapore

Rhonda H said...

Hello! I am a helper from Vivkie's Grow Your Blog. Just wanted you to know that a helper came by and peeked at your blog! So glad you wanted to be part of this fun Blog Hop! Thanks for posting and enjoy the hop! And I just have to say, your bunnies (both real and stitched) are the cutest things! Love little Bertie the plush bunny!

Stephanie said...

Oh, if your bunnies {all of them" aren't just the cutest! My dad loves rabbits and always keeps one as a pet - he even potty trains them so that they can have free roam of the house :)

I am visiting from the Grow Your Blog party and am quite happy to have come across your sweet blog. I am a new follower and look forward to visiting again.

Hugs! Stephanie - The Enchanting Rose

Lessons on Linen said...

hi Wendy!
Your bunnies are so precious- they are such interesting animals. They look very content. Look forward to reading more on your blog. ~Jaime

Shirlee Fassell said...

I knew you were always loving bunny cloth but I never connected all the dots and realized you are a bunny "holic"!! You always have interesting posts especially when you review books.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I enjoyed seeing your bunnies - both real and those you've created. Having the real thing in your garden means you have lots of inspiration closeby. Thank you for the invitation to visit!

Vickie said...

What darling bunnies! I also love the blackwork you are doing. It looks amazing.
So glad I hopped over and met you, will have to come back and visit a bit longer very soon.
Vickie @ Teacups & Toadstools

Sheryl S. said...

Hi Wendy, Like all your cute bunnies and enjoy seeing all the different crafts you try out. Never a dull moment in your house and no time to be bored.

Sue Kosec said...

You throw a great party. Thank you for inviting me!

So that you know, I've become a Follower and when time permits, I'll be back to see what other beautiful things were made by your hands!

What this party is all about is to GROW your blog and I'm hoping to do the same. When you get to Section One, check out A Country Chic Retreat and SuZeQ Creations, my personal blog, in Section Fifteen I'd love for you to follow and subscribe to.

Happy crafting!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh as I read each word you wrote. I love rocking horses, and collect them, but I never seem to make them. Your bunnies are the cutest, regardless the medium. And your wit really had me busting my sides.

Yep, I'm a no-reply blogger, but that's because my e-mail spits out a virus. I've tried to change it, but I'm now convinced it's something in my computer. I hope you understand, because I really enjoyed visiting your blog. It was a genuine treat.

Karin G said...

Hi Wendy, this is a wonderful collection of bunnies you have!

Boud said...

I like your bunny theme! great fun.

Ann C. said...

I just stopped by through Grow Your Blog. I am now a follower. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Stitching!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi Wendy

I love all your bunnies they're all cut but most especially Tiff!
Plush bunny is very sweet - looks like a baby kangaroo in the pouch!
Loved seeing all your crafts and reading this post I can see you have a lovely sense of humour.

I'm following you now and I'll be back soon.
Enjoy the party!


Cristal @ Dapple Design said...

Hello Wendy, Nice to meet you too! You're work is lovey. That black work in the newer post is amazing.
Following you.

Carol D. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love reading about your bunnies and all your bunny projects. As I go back through your blog, I see you do indeed try as many different things as I do. I bet we would really get along well or maybe just be dangerous together.

Marly said...

A blog HOP is just the right place for all your rabbits! It's interesting to see all the crafts your do around the same theme. I'm following you with GFC and am interested to see what other projects you have going.

Threads of Inspiration said...

Hi Wendy, your bunnies are cute! I like bunnies too unless they are eating my garden :-(

Kathy H said...

Hi Wendy, I don't have a blog but enjoy the inspiration I get from other blogs. I had fun looking at all your bunnies and am looking forward to reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hello Wendy... today I took time to have a return-visit on your lovely blog (you visited mine via GYB). When my son was a little child we have had a cute rabbit too - its name was Cesar and he looks a little bit like your Harry.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Hi Wendy, you are one creative lady. Those bunnies are so cute, both the live ones and the ones you created in all those different crafts. Fun to see. Thanks for being a part of the GYB hop.