Monday, 24 September 2018

Paint by Number Quilts blog tour

Good morning and welcome to the Blog Tour!  My good friend and co-founding member of the East Midlands Quilt Group, Kerry Foster, has written a book!  It's actually a bookette, and is well worth a read.

Paint-By-Number Quilts: 4 Animal Appliqués with Vintage Style

Kerry's technique is certainly unique, I haven't seen it anywhere else, and it's great fun.  The bookette takes you through making 4 animal appliques for which full sized patterns are included, but you can use this technique to make other animal appliques (as I show you further down).  

The bookette takes you through materials needed, there is a very informative section on selecting fabric, this is followed by instructions on the technique.  

The four patterns are:
Raccoon mug rug
Grizzly bear wall hanging
Fabulous Mr Fox wall hanging
Whitetail Stag wall hanging

Each one includes tips on quilting and selecting backgrounds.

I stole this photo of Kerry from her blog.  You can see the Fantastic Mr Fox wall hanging in the background and also one of her other patterns - Hank the English Pointer.  A few years ago Kerry ran a workshop at one of our Quilt Group meetings.  She took me through making an animal applique from one of my own photos.

You may remember this cushion I made of Colin which is still one of my favourite makes.  This is also poignant timing as I lost my lovely Colin last week. He was 10 and a half, I rescued him as a young kit so we'd been together 10 years.  He's left a massive hole in my heart and now I am rabbit-less.  This cushion feels like a good memory of him.  It was really easy to do following Kerry's instructions.

Kerry wasn't able to get all the patterns she's created into the bookette, so she's made 5 of them (including the lovely Hank, above) available in herpattern shop HERE. In the next day or so they will also appear in her Etsy and Craftsy pattern shops, however you will need to own Paint By Number Quilts in order to know how to put the pattern together

Interested?  You can buy the bookette here

Follow the book tour for more views of the book and some chances to win a copy!

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Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your furry friend. But you must have given him a good healthy life for him to have lasted so long!

Jane Galley said...

Sorry about Colin, but the cushion will be a great memorial to him. Lots of happy memories to look back on too

pennydog said...

I'm so pleased you completed your Colin cushion but still very sorry to hear of his passing.

Sandi said...

How great you were able to recreate Colin in cloth! Not quite as great as having him to play and cuddle but hopefully helps with the large hole in your life!

Miss Val's Creations said...

These appliques are adorable! I am so sorry to hear of your loss. What a wonderful tribute you made.