Saturday, 11 September 2010

Rebecca's birthday presents - done!

Last time I posted about Rebecca's birthday presents, I was almost done, yet Thursday came and I still had to attach the decoration blocks to the t-shirts, embroider them on, start and finish the Tigger and Piglet embroideries and frame them.  I ended up working late on Thursday so only managed one embroidered border.  That meant that Friday night I raced through the other embroidered border, the Piglet embroidery and started the Tigger embroidery.  I woke up this morning feeling ill, so finished it off in bed! 

We went to the birthday party this afternoon and the presents were a big hit!

So here they are, the two appliqued t-shirts:
I found the button I've used as the snout in my pink button jar - no idea where it came from!

I think this sheep looks a bit sinister!  It's the way I sewed his  mouth!!

Here is the full set of embroideries:



So there we go, onto the next project...

I've just joined the Finished for Friday challenge over at Lit and laundry, so I'm off to post there.  Come over and take a look.

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Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Love these!

Sandy Ang said...

These are adorable !

Mollie. said...

I LOVE the combination of running and satin stitches on the Winnie the Pooh embroideries. So cute!

traci said...

That pig is so sweet. I love it. All of your projects are great. I will show the pig applique to my daughter and I know she will want one like that too.